Our wikis contain the collective knowledge of the Peak Prosperity community on many of the most important topics related to building personal resiliency.

They are created and maintained by our members – people just like you who are writing based on their expertise from putting these skills into action.

If you’re looking to get up to speed on a new preparation topic, this is the place to start.

And if you have the expertise to offer, please edit or add to these wikis accordingly.

Featured Wikis


Food Storage

Everything you need to know to embark on a food storage program. Beyond improving your family’s food security, this can save you a significant amount of money over the long-term. How much resiliency as well as much money you save depends on which approach to home food storage you take. We discuss them all here.

Growing Your Own Fruits & Vegetables

Growing your own fruits & vegetables is a process of urban agriculture, suburban gardening, or small farming of food for non-commercial use; including everything from windowsill herb gardens to small, self-sustaining farms. It can be a form of permaculture or organic gardening – or may involve the use of small-scale chemicals & fertilizers.

Personal Safety & Home Defense

Personal Safety & Home Defense is the collection of attitudes, habits and skills, and equipment used to protect one’s self, other people and property from criminal threats in and around one’s home. This wiki focuses on the principles of safety and best practices for avoiding theft or injury from crime.

Selecting a Firearm

This wiki’s focus is to help navigate the process that starts once you’ve decided you’d like to purchase a firearm, and leads to the ongoing process of establishing proficiency, maintaining safety and building skill.

Emotional Resiliency

Simple skills to manage your own emotional responses that might result when tough times hit, and to help yourself, your family, and your friends develop the resiliency that may help you fare better through such times.

Home Energy

A detailed breakdown of the projects that offer the highest return on investment for conserving AND producing your home’s energy