Where to Buy Gold & Silver

A short list of dealers

Owning precious metals provides you with the most direct way to protect your wealth from paper money devaluation with no counterparty risk.  Gold is the only financial asset we know of that is not simultaneously somebody else’s liability.  That makes it rather unique.  We think everyone who can should have at least some exposure in their portfolio to gold and silver.

There are many ways to invest in gold and silver, but for the individual who is just starting out, we highly recommend beginning by purchasing at least a few ounces of physical bullion.

We have a lot more to say in our guide to Buying Gold and Silver.  We consider it a must-read, especially if you’re ultimately planning to invest a substantial portion of your wealth in precious metals.

Peak Prosperity’s Endorsed Solution for Buying Precious Metals

We have recently joined forces with several other prominent economic research firms to offer the Hard Assets Alliance (HAA). The HAA makes the same advantages enjoyed by the major financial institutions available to the individual bullion investor.

We think think this new solution offers the best combination of benefits (price, service, storage options, security, etc) for the widest audience of retail customers looking to buy, store or sell precious metals.

Other Providers We Like

Below is a list of dealers that we and/or our site members have had positive experiences with. (Note: Peak Prosperity may receive a small affiliate fee for purchases made though these links – at no additional cost to you.) Consider also your local coin shops, which offer the advantage of enabling you to more easily participate in smaller purchases and preserve your anonymity, should that be important to you. Some of the most experienced, competitive, and reliable dealers limit their clientele to in person or by referral.


BullionVault gives private investors around the world access to the professional bullion markets. You can benefit from the lowest costs for buying, selling and storing gold and silver.

BullionVault is endorsed by the major gold mines and is the world’s largest online investment gold service. We take care of $2.1 billion for more than 36,700 users.

Bars are stored and insured in your chosen vault in London, New York or Zurich. Because these are the world’s most secure bullion storage facilities, the insurance costs you pay are very low.


It is our mission to provide you with an easy and inexpensive way to buy gold, silver, platinum, and palladium online while offering high-security standards, independent audits, and multiple storage locations for your metal.

It is easy to buy, own, and store precious metals at GoldMoney. The first step is to establish a GoldMoney Holding, which gives you access to the precious metals markets. You can fund your Holding in nine currencies and buy and sell precious metals online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Based in Southern California, GoldSilver.com specializes in the instruction of precious metals investing and providing world-class gold and silver dealer services.

GoldSilver.com is comprised of a strategic team of specialists and is owned and operated by Mike Maloney, a renowned advisor, author, and industry expert.

Mike’s book, Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver, is the number-one selling precious metals investment book of all time. Since 2005, Mike has also been precious metals advisor to international finance guru Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad).

Anglo Far-East

For over 20 years, AFE has provided rock solid and uninterrupted service handling the private purchase, secure vaulting, and liquidation of gold and silver bullion for its clients. This track-record has earned the company international recognition, not only from the quality and integrity of its products and services, but also from its dealings within these markets.

AFE is the gold bullion custodial provider of choice for the sophisticated investor, families, and institutions that require the highest level of discretion, competence, safety, and service.

100% gold and silver bullion ownership in allocated “Good Delivery” bullion bars.


APMEX was created to serve as a source where investors could diversify their portfolios with gold, silver, platinum and palladium for less money than typically found elsewhere. We have never made any guarantees about always having the lowest price on any of our products. However, our prices are consistently competitive and many times lower than our competition. Unlike many of our gold dealer competitors, APMEX does not have any hidden fees or charges, what you see is what you get. The only additional fee is a shipping charge, which is clearly marked and defined during the order process.

Colorado Gold

If you have never dealt with us before, perhaps a bit of information will help you to decide. I say “Us,” because this is a three person show. I am Don Stott, proud father, and I am the third number on the web site (Colorado). I have been a precious metals broker since November 1977, and am totally honest as is my son David, whose number is second on the web site (Wisconsin), and my daughter Melissa, whose number is first on the web site (New York). Morgen takes calls for the Pacific time zone from 1PM to 5PM. We have a superb reputation, and certainly will not tarnish it for any reason. We are open from 8AM to 5PM, at time zones under our names ONLY, and even though we live and work at our respective homes, we do not appreciate calls after or before hours. There are no markets on weekends or legal holidays, so we cannot operate on those days.