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    What Difference Has This Site Made In Your Life?

    by Adam Taggart

    Friday, February 18, 2011, 12:12 AM

Many of you know that Chris’ book version of The Crash Course will be released in late March. An important part of the efforts around the launch involves determining how best to describe its subject matter and its significance for readers.

Chris and I had the same thought: Why not let the ChrisMartenson.com community help us tell the story? After all, you’re the ones putting the material we discuss here into daily practice in your lives. People will value your honest opinions much more than whatever copy we write.

We thought a good idea would be to ask those of you with easy access to video tools (e.g., webcams, iPhones, etc) to answer the question, “What difference has this site made in your life?”.

We’ll then edit the submissions together into a short but hard-hitting reel that helps people realize the value of the insights and practical guidance they get from understanding the Three Es, the Crash Course, Chris’ posts & the many other discussions that happen here on ChrisMartenson.com.

If you’re willing to participate, here are the steps to follow:

1) Record a 30-90 second video of you describing the value this site has had for your life

Just look into the camera and speak from the heart. We’ll post the final reel here once it’s produced, so you can enjoy your moment of fame as well as those of your fellow community members. Seeing each other’s faces should help us all relate a little bit more on a personal level.

2) Email the video file as an attachment to [email protected]

If at all possible, please send your video clips to us as .mov files. Those are the easiest for us to deal with during the editing process. If you don’t know how to do this, don’t worry – just sent the file in whatever format you have.

3) Let us know if you would like your username to appear along with your clip

We can superimpose your username on top of your clip if you’d like. Unless you specifically ask us to, though, we won’t.

And if you don’t have easy access to a video camera – don’t worry! You can provide your thoughts in the comments below. We’ll compile those for use in our launch efforts, too, as well as in the testimonials section of this site. 

Thanks for helping us in our efforts to introduce our message to a much larger audience. It’s going to be a busy Spring.


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