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      Re: The Unbelievable shame about America, NOT

    Racism cuts both ways.  If 95% of white America was voting for McCain, we could conclude that there is racism.  But when the 95% of black Americans vote for Barack, should we conclude it is because of his genius or he is the same color?  Are there racists in America?  sure, and they come in all colors and stripes.  There are lots of reasons not to vote for Barack especially given that he had more than casual relationships with the "hate America types" and his openly stated plans to increase taxes.  My experience with govt taxation is like sh*t it all flows downhill. His empty resume is devoid of any serious accomplishments and he is the face of inexperience in fact his own running mate emphatically stated that many times during his presidential run.  Thankfully the compliant media that is in the tank for Obama ignores those statements.  

    I hope the masses will not be disappointed as his government’s tentacles spread even further into private lives under the pretext of improving it for our own good.  Just like they voted to give $850 billion taxpayer monies to banks in the bailout.  Never mind that faxes, phone calls and letters were 95% against the bailout.  Today it has become fashionable to blame Bush for all the ills this country faces.  That is sheer ignorance of the facts.  Govt does not create wealth it just taxes it.  Govt only source of revenue is taxation.  So one can conclude that govt in fact serves a parasitic function.  It is the private sector that is the source of wealth and Govt policies can impede the growth of the private sector.  So it is ignorant for any politician to claim that he can FIX the economy unless he intends to reduce the tax burden on the entire nation.  No politician has ever given back a surplus except for Sarah Palin….and no politician or party can ever control the financial markets.   

    Bush’s approval ratings are low @22% but Congress ratings are at 11%. 

    We have REPRESENTATIVE govt. and not a kingdom.  Govt 101, we have three equal branches of govt.  Executive, Legislative, and Judicial.  President Proposes and Congress disposes.  Republicans control Executive branch and Democrats control the Legislative branch.  The Judicial branch is evenly split.  As a nation we have never been served well when the same party resides in all branches.  That will in fact be the case again if Barack is elected.  Democrats in white house and congress will elect left leaning judicial appointees and we will continue to lose our freedoms, guaranteed.  Of course they will blame Bush for the next four years and the ignorant will buy it.   

    Today Americans have nothing to be ashamed about except that they are gullible to ignorant bureaucrats making laws that essentially mortgage the futures of our grandchildren.  America is still the nation where the rest of the world wants to come to.  I am an immigrant here and a proud American.  You think it is bad here, just live in almost any other part of the world and you will yearn to come back. 

    The war in Iraq was probably a bad decision but never forget that Bush received overwhelming approval from both sides of the isle in CONgress.  This war costs us $100 billion a year.  Contrast that with the $2 trillion that our Democrat controlled CONgress has just given to corporate interests.  Feudalism is alive and well and the sheeple will be sheared.   

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