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      Vaccine dangers?

    I was just in a hospital. I spoke with a woman who was a victim of the J&J vaccine.  She suffered Guillain-Barre syndrome immediately after getting the vaccine.   She was almost entirely paralyzed to the point she could not speak.  After a couple of months, she was released from the hospital, only to have a relapse and go back into intensive care.  She is slowly recovering.  The doctors have told her that she is likely to recover fully after about another year.   For her, this result was worse than what happens to most people when they get Covid-19.  And this is a known result of the J&J vaccine that is routinely belittled by doctors and scientists.  I was thinking about getting a booster shot.  And I am now being pressured by my health care providers to get one.  Knowing the potential severe consequences of getting a vaccine, I am very reluctant to get another dose.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)