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    I’ve lived in San Miguel de Allende and have for thirty three years.  Of late, because of grandkids, I’ve been spending about half and half with the other half in Austin, Texas. We go up to Austin to see the kids and deal with a few health issues because we have Medicare and we are always anxious to get home to San Miguel.  We love it there.  The climate, friends, locals, doctors, food…almost everything.

    Property taxes are skyrocketing in Austin…a neighbor’s taxes just went up a thousand dollars a month! For those of you who feel you just have to have a gun, well in Austin it’s open carry.  I’m white and live in a good neighborhood so I get to vote but that’s an issue for many in Texas.  Don’t get me wrong, Austin has been good to us and it’s a great city although with growing pains and lots of homelessness and crime.

    For me, I feel free, happy and healthy in Mexico.  When friends or new acquaintances have a problem with noise or whatever while in San Miguel I just tell them to have a margarita and take a siesta…it always works.

    peace to all.

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