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      Doctors speak out on HCQ disinformation

    It is my belief that there is a lot of disinformation on all aspects of covid…here’s my


    Good morning,

    Someone contacted me regarding my stance on Covid-19 and asked that I explain myself for my actions as a member of the Jefferson County Board. The letter was unsigned and the author asked that I respond by way of a letter to the editor. I apologize for the length of the letter, but this is a complex matter and cannot be answered effectively is soundbites.

    Quite frankly, I’m glad someone has asked for this and I thank them for the opportunity to explain myself. There is terribly little discussion on these matters and choices about it seem to be being made by  partisan device. It troubles me that the division between believers in the pandemic and believers in rights and freedom is so partisan. Why should the divide be so stark, and why am I perceived to be on the ”wrong side”?

    My stance is that our county should end lockdown, face mask and social distancing measures, and resist adopting these measures in the future also. I have included many links to videos and reports from sites I consider to be sources of honest information. Most of them will show documented scientific studies that you can look up if you want to dig deeper into the science. Unfortunately, some of the links have been censored and had their content removed. The content of these sites are being rebuilt on servers that do not limit exchange of ideas and information. I’ll do my best to locate those for you and paste them below.

    This all started in mid January when I first started hearing about an epidemic in China and became concerned. I brought the subject of this outbreak up at Jefferson County’s monthly Law Enforcement and Emergency Management committee meeting and recommended we keep close watch on the situation. I went out and bought n95 face masks and other supplies useful in a pandemic. I started to research everything I could on the matter. The WHO and CDC were not recommending any precautions at this time. Plane flights were unrestricted around the world. Most of the U.S. hadn’t heard of Covid-19. The virus was spreading.

    Then lockdowns started to appear, business slowed, travel restrictions were put in place (erratically and with exceptions), supply chains were interrupted, the economy crashed, Wall Street got bailed out, lockdowns and social distancing were enforced, face masks were recommended or mandated, isolation and censoring began, fear ran rampant, economic ruin continued. The virus kept spreading.

    At that time emergency measures seemed to make sense and I supported them at the county level. But eventually the death numbers started to come in from around the world. The virus was shown to be nowhere near as serious as predicted—by a factor of twenty or more! The Empirical Model of London, from which most of the lockdown measures were derived from was dead wrong. The virus was not the pandemic of the century, but rather a slightly more virulent strain of Coronavirus, such as we’ve seen and survived for the past 200,000 years.     The Jaxen Report

    I changed my belief in the seriousness of the Covid-19 pandemic and decided to oppose any further mitigation measures that would curtail freedom, commerce or reaching herd immunity. I reject the narrative put forth by the mainstream media and our government that this is a once-in-a-century pandemic and that the only solutions to the crisis are lockdowns, face masks, social distancing and vaccines. I believe ending these non-helpful measures is in the best interest of our county and my constituents, because:

    First, the data coming in demonstrate numbers that are nowhere near the projected number of fatalities. Yes, any death is a tragedy and yes, it is contributing to the death of patients with co-morbidities, generally those over 65 or with underlying health issues, like: obesity, diabetes and compromising pulmonary and cardiac conditions. This is a sad thing, but the virus is not the bogeyman it was made out to be. The risk does not warrant the response. The risk of death from Covid 19 is less than dying from medical malfeasance, drug overdoses or automobile deaths. The data just does not support the notion that we are dealing with and extremely deadly virus and need to be living in fear, with all sorts of life changing hardships being placed on people, the economy or community. The Highwire

    For those at risk, there is a better option than lockdown and social distancing. In the past we protected the vulnerable by placing them in a safe place with proper protocol to protect them and allow the rest of the people continue with life and develop herd immunity, so the virus fades into the background, just as every other coronavirus has in the past 200,000 years. Reaching herd immunity is a better solution to the problem than crashing the economy, and inflicting hardship on the public. Recent studies are indicating that 50 to 80% of the population may already have immunity from the SARS-CoV-2 virus via cross-reactive SARS-CoV-2-T-Cell epitopes. This means that if you have had a cold caused by a coronavirus in the past 5 years, you likely have immunity from Covid 19.   10:30 The Highwire

    The data coming in is extremely suspect. The “tests” for Covid 19 have a 50-80% inaccuracy rate. The virus has never been isolated and the PCR test is only looking for a snippet of CoV-2 coronavirus, and that snippet is not unique to the Covid 19 virus. Besides, the number of positive tests is meaningless. We want to reach herd immunity! Hospitalization, deaths and recoveries are what matter. Incorrect medical treatment, such as intubation (putting a patient into a drug induced coma, placing a pressurized ventilator tube down the windpipe), Do Not Resuscitate orders, banning Hydroxycloroquinte and mandatory acceptance of infected patients into nursing homes have exacerbated the epidemic in the US greatly. Paying out $13,000 for a Covid diagnosis and $39,000 for a death has incentivized hospital bean-counters to mis-represent Covid cases.

    The lockdown, social distancing and facemasks also have negative consequences, which are economic, medical and social and this collateral damage is worse than the disease itself. Suicide numbers are skyrocketing, in fact the head of the CDC said this past week that suicides are now outpacing Covid 19 deaths.  Drug addictions are up and climbing, but without the safety nets formerly available. Abuse related incidents are up. Medical procedures are being delayed or opportunities lost. Medical diagnoses are being missed. People are losing their homes, incomes and businesses. School nutrition programs are gone and some people are suffering from malnutrition. Bailouts are inflating the money supply. The cure is worse than the disease.

    The masks that we are being bullied into wearing are not effective and affect people negatively by lowering oxygen intake and trapping toxins next to your mouth and nose. Touching the face frequently to adjust a mask fosters contamination and keeps “germs” in the mask area. But an equally important problem is how the masks block human emotion and intent. Much of our social communication and how we relate to people comes from reading facial expressions and being able to see the smiles of others. Wearing masks hides how we feel and disconnects us from each other. Imagine the effect of this psychologically, especially on young developing children. Kids will lose the social aspect of school, needing to follow strict new rules to stay apart. It’s time to stop and ask ourselves what kind of world are we creating with these new policies, just because we are afraid right now? Lockdown TV           Dr. Mecola                      @bitchute#censorship#BeBrave    The Highwire

    There are effective treatments for Covid 19. Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc and an antibiotic are being used successfully all over the world. Prophylactic measures such as vitamins B1, C and D can be helpful, as can building a healthy gut biota.

    Swedish Example.  Sweden didn’t lockdown or enforce mandatory social distancing and masks, yet they have no more deaths than most other countries. They are over the hump now and have developed herd immunity. Their economy is thriving and has not experienced another recession. They don’t have massive unemployment. They don’t have a partisan divide causing a schism among their people.  Similar lack of death is reported from other non-lockdown countries in Ecuador, Bolivia, Panama and Uruguay.   Meanwhile, China is up and running a taking over world economic dominance.   Ron Paul Liberty Report

    The economy is not something you can just turn off and then turn back on when the time seems right. It is a dynamic, fluid entity that has rhythms and supply chains, commitments and time constraints, debts and obligations, and ongoing interactions that keep operations running. The shutdown has caused bankruptcies and closures of all sorts of enterprise, especially smaller businesses. It disrupts supply chains throughout the world. These conditions don’t allow the economy to pick right up where it left off.                                                                     

    One especially hard-hit sector of the economy has been agriculture. This is where our food comes from, and believe me this is important. I fear that the lockdown has caused extensive damage to production capacity of agriculture and that will not be bouncing right back from the lockdown. Slaughtered and dumped livestock, bankrupted dairies and interrupted supply chains could very well lead to shortages on the grocery store shelves far into the future. Without a strong local food supply, we may come to rely on government food stores and be forced to meet whatever requirements may go along with using them.                                                       Ice Age Farmer

    I do not believe the Main Stream Media (MSM) can be trusted, as it has become a mouthpiece for corporate interests and sponsors who don’t allow discussion outside their Overton Window (The window of view accepted by MSM and the population at large.). If all you watch is main stream media, you are getting incorrect or misleading information. They have lost their objectivity and truth in reporting. Corporate advertisers like those in Big Pharma can contribute up to 70% of advertising sale during newscasts in non-election years, according to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. This compromises MSM integrity and forces the censoring opposing viewpoints. Capitalistic determination (money) is the determining factor in what is considered the “truth” in MSM.

    Neither can our government be trusted. It has been taken over by corporate interests, by legal campaign contribution schemes that have essentially assured the USA of having the best democracy money can buy. Agencies like the USDA and the FDA have long been in the pockets of big industry, supporting programs that have big payback for industry and little oversight for public protections. Corruption goes deep throughout the national governmental agencies and includes the CDC and NIH.

    Censorship and idealistic reporting are not hallmarks of a free-speech society. Why is so much information being censored by Facebook, YouTube, and other social media platforms? Why is it nearly impossible to mention Cl02? Why are differing opinions being silenced? Why are obvious medical interventions being ignored, or outlawed? I’d advise everyone do a little more research and understand what is truly at stake here.    The Highwire

    Not only is free speech being trampled upon, but other freedoms as well. Freedom of religion (no medical exemptions), to assemble (no more than 10), to petition the government, and protection of seizure as provided for in the US Bill of Rights, are also in jeopardy. These rights are guaranteed by our Constitution and are the basis of our great nation. To compromise those for a common cold is not something I am willing to do.

    Again, I thank the anonymous letter-writer for the encouragement to express myself and I hope my letter here has shed some light on why I am a proponent of ending lockdown and social distancing measures immediately. If you feel this way too, let people know! Write letters to the editor. Attend you local county board meetings and school board meeting. Express yourself! Stand up for your rights and hold the instigators accountable. I would welcome any discussion about these issues and can be reached at the phone number or email address below.

    Greg David
    Jefferson County Board of Supervisors, District 3
    [email protected]
    W4512 Riverdale Lane
    Watertown, WI 53094
    (920) 988 5629


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