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      fellow youngster

    lots of good stuff here. 🙂


    i had a 4.0 in high school, and then dropped out before my senior year. went to a year of college (also a 4.0), then said, "wow, screw this." i now have a successful web design company, work in my pajamas a few days a week, and… yeah, life is good.


    as many have said here already, college probably has little to offer you. even in a practical degree, you will learn more in an afternoon at your local bookstore, than you will in a semester at college. and, at 19, you’re probably not taking anything worthwhile.


    but, where ever you are–opportunities can be found. college may be the perfect place to organize people and become a leader. if you have "nothing" to offer–you need to come up with some big ideas. those will be far more valuable to your community than gold or fuel. 


    i am almost 25, in a town full of 75 year olds. i have gotten myself prepared as much as possible. and now i am dedicating my time to THINKING. what resources does your town have? look for big buildings (churches, art museums) where people could meet to trade goods, services and ideas. notice any buses around? my partner has a 40 foot bus. i’m thinking it would make a great "commerce wagon." we’ve filled up a tank of diesel for it. i figure it could transport people and goods in our small community for about 2 years, on the diesel we have. want a ride to your grandma’s house? what do you have to trade? batteries, a chicken, zucchini bread? the key is to keep commerce moving!!


    the great thing about americans, is that we have a lot of STUFF. when the need arises, we will find new uses for our dollar store finds and ikea treasures. 🙂


    as others have suggested, find people you can talk and plan with. look for people NOT like you. a mix of ages, genders, resources and skills should be in any survival network. be honest with your network. ask them what YOU can do to be beneficial to THEM.


    if you can drop out of school and recoup some money, i totally recommend it. but, if your college town would be a good place to spend the end of the world, and you have cheap rent–it might be worth it to stick around. before dropping out, LOOK at the bigger picture. what resources does the school have that you wouldn’t find anywhere else? land? solar? water? anything??


    get to your library or bookstore. READ up on permaculture, as someone suggested. become an expert on survival. you will be one of few in your generation who knows how to function in pre-plumbing, pre-electricity, pre-fuel days. if your friends are totally opposed to chris’ teachings… ask them to go camping with you anyway. take a weekend to see just how difficult this might be. PRACTICE!


    find something that centers you. you will be worthless to us all if you are panicky. 🙂 deep breathing, meditating, thinking positive thoughts, going downstream… these will all help you move from stage 4 to stage 6. 



    rock the world,


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