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      How is the situation in your supermarkets where you live?

    In Provo Utah, people seemed concerned but not panicked.   The toilet paper isle was cleaned out a few days ago when I went into a local Target store.  The news last night showed a local costco very busy, people were stressed but no panic.  They had pallets of water and food still available.

    My daughter who had 2 rolls of toilet paper left ordered it from amazon and received it in time!  The people I talked to at work weren’t concerned at the first of the week, but as more and more reports on the news were presented about people stocking up they started geting nervous.

    I think like most people I talked to I don’t fear the virus, I fear everyones reaction to the virus.  I fear a percentage of people going into panic mode and overwhelming the system and crashing it.

    My wife did go to the Chruch of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints storehouse to get some long term food storage for our adult children, it was busier there than it had been in years.   Hour long line to checkout  buying bulk case goods and she said they were running low on a lot of items.

    My hope is that everyone calms the he11 down.  There’s no containing this virus, its too prevalent already.   Most of us will get the virus.  Most of us will survive.  The entire population running around with our hair on fire will kill more of us than the virus does in my humble opinion.

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