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      BTC Increasingly Hedges Against Fiat

    I own some, and it is my goal and practice to position myself to acquire more for exactly that reason:  the hedge against fiat because, as we all know, all fiat currencies eventually go to zero.  Bitcoin is rather a behemoth, the granddaddy of them all, but its not going away and will only increase its value to me as “digital gold”.  I move in and out of some other alt coins for the express purpose of converting to stable coins (DAI, USDT) and then wait for that sweet dip in BTC to purchase more.  It’s a slow process but patience wins the day.  I actually know a “whale” whose holdings are (in this order):  gold, silver, BTC, and platinum.  I still have mine on a cold storage wallet, I am strongly considering Nexo or Celsius to earn interest.  I want my $$ working for me, not just sitting in cold storage (however, I don’t keep them on any regular exchanges per se).  I have only staked one project so far; that should be interesting to see where it goes.  And yes, dollar cost averaging is the way to go.  The  market is still too volatile for anything else until mass adoption is achieved.

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