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      Ivermectin in the Equine form – is it SAFE?

    This is not medical advice, but I and some close friends from the hot zone in Queens have been using it for a while, prorated by body weight. None of us have noticed any bad effects. Apple flavored with an applesauce chaser makes it more palatable. Tastes great compared to the Desitin I accidentally started brushing my teeth with once when my kids were in diapers. I did hear Dr. Tenpenny suggest that it’s a damn sight better than following the Fauci Death Protocol of remdesivir with a follow-up intubation while immobilized, a sure way to build up enough fluid in the lungs to kill you. That’s the way the only friend I’ve lost to “COVID” died. His wife, poor woman, got priority access to a vaccine, and now has a heart condition. She’s twenty years younger than I am. Just stress I’m sure. My doctor, brave soul, did prescribe a small amount of ivermectin which I used and I have some backup from FLCCC which I’m saving. I’m afraid it will soon be unavailable at the Farm Store unless I am a licensed horse owner or can prove I am part centaur. No, horse owner licenses have not yet been issued by the state, but I’m sure they’re working on it. Once again, I am not a doctor and am in no position to be giving medical advice to anyone. I do know enough to distrust any recommendations coming from Fuaci or the serial liars at the CDC and FDA.

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