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      New to Australia

    My family and I have recently moved to Perth after my wife was accepted into a PhD metallurgy program at Curtin Uni. I have been following Chris’s work the best I can for about a year now. I see this post hasn’t been updated since December, and am wondering how things have changed after the Japan earthquak/tsunami/nuclear situation as well as the unrest in the middle east. Everyone that I talk to says that WA’s natural resources will be the savior, but like you said earlier Brett K. What happens when China Stops buying?

     From what I understand, Australia imports most of its oil from Singapore, who imports it from the middle east. The price of petrol has gone up almost 15 cents from when I frist arrived on 13-2-11.  

    At this point i am mostly worried about preparing. I unfortunately live in a rented house, where I can do very little on my own as far as solar or water. I would love some suggestions on the major impact things I could do while living in a rental with limited space.

    Any extra info on oz or reliable websites(like would be greatly appreciated.

    Sorry to ramble, I have had to many glasses of clean skin wine.

    Thanks in advance

    Jeff M


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