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      Reply To: Anti vaxxer conspiracy theories and Covid 19

    Mary, I agree with your summation of Dr Judy. I didn’t agree with many things she spoke of (like mask wearing), and if you actually listened you’ll know she isn’t anti-vaccination. She just doesn’t trust the direction they are heading in with vaccines.

    If you’ve been watching Dr Chris since Feb then surely you’ve seen him debunk quite a few scientific studies, something us lay-people really appreciate as we have no way to do this ourselves. When we catch out these scientists participating in what is essentially fraud, do we assume it goes deeper and happens often? How would we know? the media leads us around like a bull with a nose ring, telling us what to believe.  Ever tried to do research into vaccinations? You won’t get far. The conclusion is set for you to find: they are very safe and only nutters dissent. I’m no longer comfortable with that conclusion.

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