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      PM Daily Market Commentary – 08/04/2020

    People should try to keep in mind that the dollars (or any other fiat) is smaller than what it would buy in the past. tells us that the 1980 USD buys 15 times less than it does now. Gold’s present price therefore should be 15 times higher than the present price. Another way of stating this is since the 1980 gold high price was $850, the matching price should at least be $12750. We should keep that in mind as we watch the paper shenanigans on COMEX and London.

    And for all you TA enthusiasts, in order for TA to work as an investment tool it has to assume a dollar is of a constant value. It isn’t. TA will not work – but it is used by the banks to rob you if you do.

    And that the gold and silver prices have a long way to go UP.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)