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      Drinkable Aquaponics Water!

    JAG wrote:


    Your absolutely correct about how water efficient the system is, as the only loses are via evaporation and plant transpiration like you stated. I really goofed by leaving this out of my original post, I’m a little ashamed to say that I overlooked this major advantage of aquaponics probably because where I live we get 50+ inches of rainfall a year and its not really an issue for me. 

    If I live in a dry climate, I would think it would be nice to also have another 1000 gallons of water available just as a back-up in a crisis. A decent water filter should make the water very drinkable. Heck, the guy in this video just drinks it without a filter, lol. Notice how the cut-away shot hid the fact that he spit it outLaughing

    No, he doesn’t spit it out. That’s Tim, my husband, and in fact, he prefers our system water to tap water. I drink it as well, at least as a demonstration of the safety of the water during our free farm tours. Literally hundreds of people have seen me do so. And I don’t spit it out either.

    It tastes very familiar and sweet, like clear stream water, in a way the chlorinated, flordated water has never seemed familiar to me.

    We have about 80,000 gallons of back up water, here on our farm, and the growing troughs act as a 6000 sq ft catchment system, so every time it rains, we fill up to the top in very little time.

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