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      Playing the game.

    Lay in another bag of kibble for our dogs.

    Replace our empty 20# propane tanks with full ones.

    Go to the library to get a supply of books, movies, and TV shows.

    Make sure the vehicle gas tanks stay topped off and the spare gas gan is full.

    Discuss with my wife how we will occupy ourselves.


    During that time:

    Still go to work several times weekly for an hour or two. Only one other person works there and we have very few visitors so exposure risk is slight. Also the workplace environment is such that it absolutely must be checked on periodically.

    Work on tidying the shed and debulking stuff.

    Consider this practice for retirement.

    Deeply value all the time I’m spending with my best friend aka my wife.

    Spend time on my deck thinking and listening to the grass grow.


    There is more but I can’t think of it right now.

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