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    • Tue, Oct 13, 2020 - 07:22pm

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    Hi @VTGothic,

    Thank you for your really kinda words and encouragement on our work.

    I love to hear about others using containers to suit their needs. I was actually day dreaming about using a container “up north” the other day and what I would theoretically do to make it warmer. Great to know they are doing well with it and staying warm. If anyone knows cold it’s y’all up there 😆

    There is a guy on Youtube- Containing Luxury, who gave us the inspiration to build our home in such a way as to overcome the massive issue of thermal bridging with containers. Stick built homes and even tiny houses on wheels have the same issue but none as problematic as a big solid metal rectangle. To overcome thermal bridging we totally encapsulated the interior first with 1” rigid foam board using window spray foam and aluminum HVAC tape to seal all connecting pieces. Then we built the framing and subfloor on the foam boards. This creates a thermal break from the cold or heat from the exterior container. The spacing between studs have R15 Roxul insulation. Instead of using plastic vapor barrier to go over the insulation, we put tyvek up instead. Traditional houses can breathe and allow water vapor to escape out (hypothetically) but a solid metal wall would only trap and build up moisture. The tyvek allows water vapor to pass through on the inside. Of course it’s not ideal and I’m sure status quo contractors would pitch a fit but it’s the best I came up with after doing a lot of research. The tyvek has also bounced wood stove heat keeping it warmer too.

    In regards to wildlife, yes absolutely something is better than nothing. Unfortunately I found out one of our neighbors feeds the local bears about 300 yards away. One night back in the summer when I was out killing slugs with a flashlight I heard the spookie sound two bears make when they fight over something. I just have to shake my head because there are little kids right next door to them that could be hurt not to mention anyone else at the wrong place at the wrong time with so many bears around.

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