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      Food saver plus mylar

    For long term storage you can vacuum seal mylar bags. Great results – just opened oats from 5 years ago w no issues.


    Here’s how. Get costco FoodSaver (these die occasionally so costco guarentee is key here; I’m on number three now).


    Next cut the FoodSaver bag. You will see there is one side of the FoodSaver bag that is textured and one smooth. You will want to cut a 1″×1″ square of the textured side. You can discard the smooth.


    Fill mylar bag w whatever you want to store, add o2 absorbers. Then place textured square inside the mouth of the mylar bagabout 1/2″ from the top of the bag. Use the foodsaver to seal the bag. Note that this might take a few tries until you get a good vacuum and may need you to move the square around (should be in between where the food saver and bag meet.


    Once sealed, IRON THE SEAL. Hot iron, no steam. This will seal the mylar. The FoodSaver seal will not hold very long but ironed seal can be very thick and will last forever.


    Hope this helps

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