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  • Dear day77,


    Perhaps, given the hospital setting, a physician would be receptive to the other treatment alternatives included in the FLCCC’s I MATH protocol. Here is link to said document:


    MATH+ Protocol


    Early in the US response to the pandemic, Dr. Pierre Kory was one of this 1st physicians to advise on the use steroids to combat Covid-19 as he realized with the confirming consult of other experts of the diseases strong similarity to a uncommonly diagnosed pneumonia. Maybe a chest x-ray would yield a similar diagnosis in your friend’s case given the length of and increasing severity of illness.


    I learned the above through Dr. John Campbell’s interview of Dr. Pierre Kory. See below:



    Lastly, Dr. Kory warned recently as the Delta variant spread that a greater dose of Ivermectin has been needed than in the not too distant past. Perhaps calling or direct messaging voa Twitter Dr. Kory could be considered – he might know someone with some influence there in central Michigan. It never hurts to ask.


    I sincerely hope your friend returns to health soon.







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