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      Remdesivir, Hydroxychloroquine, Fauchi, et al

    RE: Hydroxychloroquine, the University o Washington just completed a study to see if HCQ works to PREVENT infection with Covid, or AFFECTS the course of teh illness.


    The findings were that HCQ is COMPLETELY USELESS and has no effect either way on the disease.


    They did NOT mentioned if the HCQ was used with ZINC or an ANTIBIOTIC. The study director seemed to be a sincere woman who sounded genuinely sad that  the drug was of absolutely no use, though she did at least state that it was SAFE and that no one was harmed by the substance.

    I’d love to know if they DID add ZINC or anything else. Many studies refused to combine anything with the HCQ as that would not establish the efficacy of HCQ, but rather the combination, which was NOT the object of the study.

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