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    Chris, I’m really happy to hear about your plans, and curious to see where this goes.  My wife and I have been thinking about moving our family to an intentional community for some time.  We can both work pretty much anywhere (I’m a controls engineer and she’s a nurse practitioner) but not necessarily from home.  We have young children, and it seems like most of the intentional communities out there either don’t want kids, or are religiously based, which does not appeal to us at all.  We used to live in a small city and loved that there were other children around and we could walk to things.  Now we’ve moved to a rural area where we can have fruit trees, chickens, bees, etc., but we can’t walk to anything and our kids can’t play with other children unless we arrange playdates.  I’ve often said I’d like to live in a medieval village… houses packed closely together for community, but surrounded by gardens, fields, orchards, and forest.  Anyway, I’ll be following you closely on this.  Best of luck!

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