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      Several books worth checking …

    Renee –
    Several books I can suggest – these mainly relate to Climate Change issues.
    For more information and opinions on these books I suggest you look them up in (say) Amazon and read other people’s reviews.

    The Handbook
    Surviving and Living with Climate Change
    by Jane Rawson and James Whitmore
    295 pages.
    Transit Lounge Publishing 2015
    ISBN 978-1-921924-93-4

    Even though written in 2015, it is an excellent non-technical introduction – plus it’s written from the Australian perspective.

    Preparing your mind
    Reducing your Vulnerability
    Living with Loss

    For full details of content, see


    Climate Change
    What Everyone Needs to Know
    by Joseph Romm
    Second Edition. Oxford University Press, 2018
    ISBN 978-0-19-086610-5

    Covers several sections over 282 pages, including
    Climate Science Basics
    Extreme Weather and Climate Change
    Projected Climate Impacts
    Avoiding the Worst Impacts
    Climate Politics and Policies
    The Role of Clean Energy
    Climate Change and You

    It is slightly technical, but a good primer.


    How is Energy-Rich Australia Running Out of Electricity
    by Matthew Warren
    Affirm Press 2019
    ISBN 9781925870176

    An excellent book explaining Australia’s current policy shambles regarding electricity.
    Is basically non-technical, but where needed technicalities are lucidly explained.


    2052 – A Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years
    by Jorgen Randers
    Chelsea Green Publishing 2012

    A largely technical book.
    A Report to the ‘Club of Rome’ commemorating the 40th Anniversary of [publication in 1972] of ‘The Limits of Growth’.
    Worrying about the Future
    Five Big Issues toward 2052
    The Logic behind My Forecast
    Population and Consumption to 2052
    Energy and CO2 to 2052
    Food and Footprint to 2052
    The Nonmaterial Future to 2052
    The Zeitgeist to 2052
    Reflections on the Future
    Five Regional Futures
    Comparison with Other Futures
    What Should I Do?


    Prosperity Without Growth
    Foundations for the Economy of Tomorrow
    by Tim Jackson
    Routledge 2017 – Second Edition
    ISBN 9781138935419

    Written from the perspective of Economics … and depends on our willingness to change.

    The limits to Growth
    Prosperity Lost
    Redefining Prosperity
    The dilemma of growth
    The myth of decoupling
    The ‘iron cage’ of consumerism
    Flourishing – within limits
    Foundations for the economy of tomorrow
    Towards a ‘post-growth’ macroeconomics
    A progressive State
    A lasting prosperity

    from the back cover: “What can prosperity mean in a world of environmental and social limits?”



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