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    • Sun, Oct 27, 2013 - 11:49pm

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      Massimo Mazzucco’s 9/11 Documentary


    A sincere thank you for the heads up and link to this engrossing and captivating film.  I started watching it last night and could not stop.  I was drawn into my monitor for five hours!

    As you write, this is a concise summary of what we've read, seen & heard in varying places over the years (Loose Change, 911 Truth, Experts Speak Out, and so on as well as from NIST & the 9/11 Commission report itself).  Mazzucco does a brilliant job of laying out the "official story" then proceeds to add expert testimony, countless eyewitness accounts and scientific evidence.  He then presents the debunkers' side of the story (including NIST, Pop Mechanics and a couple of Italians) and proceeds to counter each one of their claims point-by-point.

    After Mazzucco presents all sides, he lets the viewer draw his own conclusions.  This is both frustrating and rewarding.  You almost wish he would say:  It was an inside job!  The PTB made a deal with Silverman!  Silverman did it for the 7 billion in insurance!  The neo-cons needed the justification to invade Iraq!  The FBI (or CIA) did it to hide the _____ files!  Salomon brothers did it for/to _______!   The Mossad did it!  It was a false flag to obfuscate____!   Citi and Morgan Stanley were short UAL and long Raytheon!  ______ planned it to abscond with the gold!  (Goldman?  JPM? The Fed?)  Feel free to fill in the blanks.

    What is most satisfying is that Mazzucco respects the viewers' intelligence.  Watch/see/hear all the evidence and then draw your own conclusions.

    I have only two criticisms.  One, I wish he presented more international debunkers' POVs other than the two Italians shills.

    Two, since so much of getting to the truth of what happened is based on the controlled demolition theory, I wish that he would have presented information on the explosive devices that were (allegedly) used, as well as research (assuming that such research has been done) on the whereabouts of  the world's top demolition companies.  Since the controlled demolition(s) had to be highly coordinated, only a world class demolition company could have handled the job.  If so, where were those companies on 9/11 and the weeks leading up to it?  What about records and receipts for procurement of the explosives that were (allegedly) used?  I realize it could have been a Special Ops explosives team, but how/where did they get training to do controlled demolitions (not their usual expertise I'm guessing)?

    Just some thoughts, and I highly recommend the film.

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