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      Argentine farm for sale

    Hi all

    I lived in S. America for 23 years and of that, 13 years in Argentina. We bought an 8 ha property in the wine growing region in the Valle de Tupungato in 2006 and have done significant improvements.

    We rebuilt the house (small and modest), repaired the 800,000l open air water tank, installed a security fence around the core of the house/garden area, leveled the growing area and planted alfalfa. There is a small plotof eucalyptus trees with commercial value and pear trees (probably needing replacement).

    The property is just off a major road recently upgraded connecting Mendoza City/airport and Tunuyan, and is only 40 minutes from the international airport.

    We have a well on property that is in need of repair but have surface water and potable water from a well on the neighbouring property (in condominium). There is encroaching urbanization, in the negative. We restored the property using permaculture principles but ran out of cash to complete.

    My reasons for purchasing in Argentina is that it is a developed country (albeit with political/economic mismanagement issues) and relatively low population density. I believe that the southern cone is likely to be one of the more survivable parts of the world if the SHTF/climate change. And i love the Argentine lifestyle.

    For personal reasons, we are sadly in position to start exploring the options for selling the property. I’d appreciate any input in how to pursue this. My guess is that this forum might have people who are interested in a property like this or who could point me in the direction of a land agent who handles this type of property.

    Thanks for you input/feedback.

    Ann in Vancouver (BC)

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