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    Two Weeks Left!

    To get the Early Bird price for our NYC Summit with Stockman
    by Adam Taggart

    Thursday, August 2, 2018, 2:59 PM

The 'early bird' discounted price for our upcoming Summit in New York City expires in just two weeks.

If you wait to register until after then, you'll have to pay the higher 'general admission' price.

So if you're planning to join us (and David Stockman!), register now and save some money!

Sunday, Sep 16, 2018 — 10am-4pm EST

For more details about the NYC Summit, please read below:


The NYC Summit: With David Stockman! (this city only)

After the success of our five Summits held earlier this year, when Chris and I set our sights on New York City, we asked ourselves: How can we up our game even further?

Knowing that David Stockman lives in the area, we sent a Hail Mary inquiry out to him to see if there was any chance that a) he'd be in town on Sep 16th, and b) if so, would he be able to take time from his crazy schedule and make an appearance at our event?

Well, not only is he willing to come, he likes the Summit concept so much he's agreed to co-present with us for the entire day!

We're ecstatic.

There are few people alive who understand the global economy and its (mis)management better than David Stockman — former director of the OMB under President Reagan, former US Representative, best-selling author of The Great Deformation, and veteran financier.

Being able to not just hear his outlook on the world economy and financial markets — something Wall Street portfolio managers pay thousands of dollars for — but to spend the day with him and get his answers to your specific questions? That's a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most people.

And, of course, Chris and I will be there, too, with an updated version of all the rich material we've brought to the other Summits held so far this year.

So if you live in traveling distance to New York City and are interested in joining us for the day, please register for this event by clicking on the blue button below.

And you'll want to do so soon: not only are seats limited, but those who register now will receive the Early Bird price for this event of $325/person.

The general admission price of $400/person will start on Aug 15th (if there are any remaining seats left), so be sure to register before then! 

Sunday, Sep 16, 2018 — 10am-4pm EST

The Summit Experience

At Peak Prosperity, we strive to help people advance in three key areas: Knowing, Doing and Being.

Doing and Being are the resilience-building steps we recommend. Helping folks develop their own personal action plans in these areas is the main focus of the annual seminars we run.

But Knowing? That's the essential first part to master. Without sufficient understanding and insight to guide you, any action you take is merely groping in the dark.

That's why Chris and I spend the majority of our time info-scouting: following the data and analyzing where macro trends are likely to head next given the latest developments.

We dedicate so much time and energy to this because it's not the domino that's falling today that matters. What's much more important is: Which dominoes will fall tomorrow as a result?

And make no mistake, the pace of falling dominoes is accelerating. From the sharp rise in geo-political instability, to the ending of the central bank liquidity bubble, to the largest species extinction wave in millennia, to the bursting retirement dreams of the Baby Boomer generation, to the fast-worsening net energy predicament — change is afoot. The relative calm of the false 'recovery' that the world's central planners engineered in response to the Great Financial Crisis has reached its terminus.

Now, more than ever in recent years, understanding where events are headed next is critical to preserving your wealth and well-being.

Being keenly aware of this, Chris and I focused much of our attention last year on addressing the question: How can we better arm people with the insights and answers they need to take informed action in their lives?

We combed through reams of reader feedback, listening to what folks are hungriest for. And we eventually noticed an important theme that kept recurring. So many of you have said to us: I just wish I could sit down with you guys and pick your brains for an entire day about all this…

And that's why we designed the new Peak Prosperity Summit experience.

It's an intimate 6-hour discussion, primarily focusing on our forecasts for the Economy and the financial markets, with special emphasis on the biggest threats that could trigger a major correction, as well as the key indicators Chris and I are watching most closely. Detailed updates on the Energy & Environment sides of the story are also provided.

And of course, David Stockman will be co-presenting with us in New York. So you'll be receiving his invaluable insider expertise, as well.

But it's not a 1-way presentation. The Summit is intentionally formatted to be a fluid conversation, where participants can guide the discussion in whatever direction they care about most. Every Summit is unique in that the material is customized in real-time to the specific personal needs of the audience members.

In fact, asking us about your personal situation is not only allowed, but encouraged. This is your chance to get your most burning questions answered — don't waste it!

Register now!

Sunday, Sep 16, 2018 — 10am-4pm EST

What To Expect: Feedback From This Year's Summits

We asked the attendees of our recent Summits in San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Denver and Austin to share their thoughts on the experience.

Here's what they had to say:

San Francisco

I found the Peak Prosperity Summit an excellent source of real big picture information and analysis of very key economic, and energy trends for considering our near term futures.

Not only have Chris and Adam pulled together information essential for understanding the big picture of where we are, but the other attendees were thoughtful and insightful, making the interactive meeting a not-to-miss event.

Chris and Adam's Peak Prosperity summit was a fantastic experience to hear a distillation of the three E's and a engage in discourse with like-minded individuals. An event not to be missed!

I am very fortunate to have been able to attend the summit. The information that was presented and the people I was able to talk to reaffirmed the direction we are going in whereas that was somewhat lost in my day to day life.

Attending the Peak Prosperity Summit in San Francisco allowed me to meet smart engaging people in my area who have complimentary and diverse skill sets. Meaningful high quality new contacts like these are invaluable in life.


This is where you come to meet your tribe.

Just what everyone needs to know to understand the future and be ready.

Loved the six-hour summit with Chris and Adam. The time flew by. Having them live and in person to tell us their views and present their data was magnificent in itself. But even better was having instant answers to our burning questions.

Wonderful experience! It was fun to finally meet Chris and Adam, and delve into crash course updates. Best of all, it provided an opportunity to build community in the local area with like-minded people.

I attended the Portland Summit and would highly recommend it to anyone who's ever wondered what's going on, where are we headed, and what can I do? For those that haven't asked those questions – you need to attend a summit SOON.

The breadth of knowledge and understanding Chris & Adam have is very hard to find. The information is presented in an easy and understandable format.

I've read nearly every article and listened to almost every podcast posted in the last six years on Peak Prosperity's site. However, there is no substitute for speaking with Chris and Adam in person and diving into this information TOGETHER. I highly recommend this event and others like it!


An incredible chance to meet and talk with the PP pioneers, and discover local like minded thinkers that can grow into a community.

Six hours from zero to one hundred on the economy, energy, and the environment. Buckle your seatbelt!

Attending the Seattle Summit was my first opportunity to speak freely among well-informed people about my concerns, frustrations, and general philosophizing about the state of our economy and the environment. It was somehow both energizing and calming. I could have spent days doing that. Thank you Chris and Adam for opening minds and hearts.

Finally, I was surrounded by people who understand & share my concerns for the future! Also, it was helpful to chat with locals who are facing similar regional challenges.

Seeing Chris and Adam live and get the chance to ask them questions was worth my time and admission fee. I look forward to the next presentation

An honest, frank and up-to-the-minute summary of where we are in the nested economic, energy and environmental predicaments. If you find yourself confused by the main stream narrative and yearning for a coherent framework to better understand unfolding events, a Peak Prosperity Summit is exactly what you need.
Meeting the PP team in the flesh was a real treat. There was ample opportunity to ask questions both formally and during breaks.

Chris is a brilliant person who cuts through all the BS and distillate the essential information. He is someone whose opinions I unequivocally trust.


Great to have direct dialogue with Chris and Adam, both thoughtful and very clever gents.

As a relative newcomer to the Peak Prosperity website and related content, the Denver Summit was a great initiation for me. I came away feeling motivated prosper across all eight forms of capital.

Anyone interested in exploring factual perspectives on why they have a “gut feeling” that all is not right in the world should attend a Peak Prosperity Summit. I’ve never witnessed a low-key speaker who could be so inspirational.

Great to finally meet Chris, Adam and others with similar concerns in person. Helped motivate me to share my understandings with others near home.

How do you describe not only feeling like you find a long lost friend, but finding more than a dozen of them? The comraderie was both comforting and inspiring.

Chris and Adam present material in such an interesting and clear manner. To watch them use their intellects and communication gifts out of genuine concern for others is a delight!

We can all read about it and hear about it. But there is something special about living it live!


This presentation puts you squarely in the present moment, offers a sobering perspective on the global and planetary state of affairs, and presents a set of action items that we as individuals and as community can implement to drive change.

Chris and Adam give one of the most intelligent and eye opening seminars available today, covering socioeconomic factors, trends and events in ways the main stream media never does. Learn what you are missing and why by spending a few hours with these brilliant and insightful guys. You'll be much better prepared for whats coming next if you do.

Great event. Wonderful to meet other like minded people. Opportunity to have spouse see the presentation.

If you want to know what is going on behind the curtains of the world, Chris and Adam can present that information in a credible and understandable format.

The in-person presentation by Chris and Adam adds immediacy and nuance to the ideas found at Peak Prosperity. Being with like-minded attendees introduces a grounding that makes the theoretical real.

When I needed particular questions answered regarding my own situation, I found Adam to be well informed and very willing to help by providing additional information and contacts.

I thought I was going to a conference center to sit in a crowd and listen for 6 hours. Not at all! It was like a dinner party with Adam hosting and Chris holding court. Lots of great discussion.

Take Action

So if all this resonates with you and you want to participate in this 1-time-only PP/Stockman event, register now:

Sunday, Sep 16, 2018 — 10am-4pm EST

We're looking forward to meeting you in person!


Adam & Chris (and David Stockman!)

NYC PP Summit banner

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  • Thu, Aug 02, 2018 - 3:37pm

    pat the rat

    pat the rat

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    Has any one heard about what is going on in Philly.The gas company is taken bills that not by the tenet and putin a lein on the property without telling the landlord. What could go wrong? everything!!! 

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  • Thu, Aug 02, 2018 - 4:14pm

    Reply to #1

    Chris Martenson

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    Yep, we'll be discussing that

    pat the rat wrote:

    Has any one heard about what is going on in Philly.The gas company is taken bills that not by the tenet and putin a lein on the property without telling the landlord. What could go wrong? everything!!! 

    I read the article that Simon Black wrote up on that process.  Ghastly!
    The city owns the gas company.  The gas company autogenerates liens on delinquent bills, regardless of whether the deficient bill payer owns the property or not.
    It’s only a matter of time before an absentee landlord loses their property in a tax lien auction for $800.  Probably to somebody related to the city tax office after a poorly advertised auction is held if I know my Philly.
    Expect more of this, coming soon to a town or city near(er) to you. 

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  • Thu, Aug 02, 2018 - 7:46pm

    pat the rat

    pat the rat

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    new loan deposit

    $2,000.00 just for gas,$2,000.00 for cable, and $2,000.00 for eletric what do know.Now throw the frist and the last $4,000.00, $2,000.00 in case it is trashed. $12,000 sing for your loan and have a nice day!!!

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  • Thu, Aug 02, 2018 - 8:34pm



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    Conference location, transportation, logistics

    I may have missed it, but where is this NYC conference going to be located?
    I would like to get hotel reservations, scope out train tickets and metro schedules, and figure out how to get there, where to eat and all that logistical stuff.
    When you have a chance…..

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