Tutorial: Adding Images within a Post or Comment

The video below is best viewed in Full Screen mode (click the icon at the bottom right of the player):


Steps for Adding Images within a Post or Comment

  1. while in Create/Edit view, click on the Photo icon within the "Body" section's editing toolbar
  2. there are two ways to upload a photo from here: from a hosted URL or from your computer
  3. from a hosted URL
    1. paste the hosting URL into the "URL" field
    2. click the "OK" button
  4. from your computer
    1. click the "Browse Server" button
    2. click the "Upload" button
    3. click the "Browse" button
    4. use the menu to locate the file on your computer. Double-click the file to select it.
    5. select the "Small" photo size
    6. click "Upload"
    7. find your file in the window pane at right. Click to highlight it, and then click the "Insert File" button at the top of the window.
  5. once back in Create/Edit mode, clicking the "SAVE" button will publish the image in your Post or Comment

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