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    Time to Spread the Message

    by Adam Taggart

    Saturday, April 16, 2011, 1:37 AM

Chris’ book version of the Crash Course has been out for almost a month now. So far it’s receiving strong praise, and we have Chris busy on the media treadmill promoting it. Now we need your help to catapult the book and its message into the mainstream consciousness.

Here’s why: Book sales in the early weeks following a book release matter greatly. These numbers have a huge influence on how many books the big retail distributors (Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Borders) decide to stock. The more books they put on the shelves, the more get sold – which then gets the media’s attention. If we’re fortunate, a virtuous cycle ensues. We believe (obviously) that this material deserves the widest attention possible.

The book is a much deeper dive into the critical material contained in the video series, updated for the many developments (both in the world and in Chris’ analysis) that have unfolded since the videos were first created in 2008. The early reviews are unanimous in this regard. The book also contains a lot of new predictions from Chris on topics like resource scarcity, obstacles to economic growth, and the vulnerability of our complex energy system – which already look astoundingly prescient, given the volatile events characterizing 2011 so far (escalating food and energy prices, the Fukushima disaster, mid-east unrest, skyrocketing gold and silver prices, continued dollar weakness, bailouts for Portugal and Ireland, etc.)

Whether you’ve already read the book or not, you can definitely help our efforts in using it to create awareness of the core Crash Course tenets among mass audiences. Here’s how:

  1. Purchase copies for your family and anyone in your community who you think could be receptive to the ideas within.
  2. Purchase a copy for your local library, if it doesn’t already have one.
  3. Write a review of the book on Amazon.
  4. Refer the book to any relevant media contacts (local or larger) that you may have.
  5. Host a discussion group on the book in your neighborhood.

We have a few recommended ways to purchase the book:

  • Buy from your local bookstore – as mentioned above, these sales are the ones with the maximum impact. This is the data that the big retail buyers look at to measure consumer demand/interest. 
  • Buy from ChrisMartenson.com – for those who buy from us, we’re offering the following discounts/bonuses:
    • Book + DVD package: for $28, we’ll ship you the hardcover edition + the 45-min DVD version of the Crash Course anywhere in the continental US (Please note:  The 45-minute DVD plays only on computers or PAL/DVD players.)
    • Signed 1st edition: for $36, Chris will sign and inscribe a hardcover book for you, which we’ll ship anywhere in the continental U.S. For $5 more, we’ll also include the 45-minute DVD (a 50% discount).  (Please see above note regarding DVD.)
    • Those interested in either of the above should contact Megan Walsh ([email protected]). Megan can also provide pricing for orders outside of the continental U.S.

Buying online is fine, too. The book is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders and many other online booksellers. E-reader versions (Kindle, Nook, Kobo, etc) are available as well.

We’re aware this post risks coming across as a “buy our stuff” advertorial. Our regular readers know that we are not in the habit of shilling, and we trust our guidance here is taken in its intended context. What we care about is reaching as wide an audience as necessary to create a world worth inheriting.

We’ve invested a tremendous amount of effort in making the book the best vehicle possible for this site’s mission: to create a tipping point of awareness of the future risks our society faces and to enable people to take informed action as early as possible.

If the book is going to succeed at that, this is the moment to put our maximum support behind it.

Many thanks,
Adam, Chris, and the ChrisMartenson.com staff

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