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    The Peak Prosperity Tribe Is Gearing Up!

    How can you easily recognize a member of PP.com? By their RESILIENCE, of course!
    by Adam Taggart

    Thursday, July 9, 2020, 9:04 AM

How can you easily recognize a member of PP.com? By their RESILIENCE, of course!

Specifically, by their RESILIENCE t-shirts:


The viral pandemic and associated tens of millions of lost jobs (in the US alone) has delivered a powerful reminder about the importance of resilience to persevering through adversity.

Since the onset of covid-19, nearly a thousand PP.com members have decided to proudly declare their resilience to the world by purchasing these shirts and starting conversations within their local communities — Why does resilience matter? And what new lifestyle and mindset models may better serve us than the status quo?

Here are just a few of these Heroes of Resilience:

PP RESILIENCE shirt photos

(see the full gallery at Peak Prosperity’s new Instagram page)

Each of these shirts is made of 100% organic ringspun cotton using eco-friendly dye, and is produced in the USA. I source them from a local Sebastopol company that makes my absolute favorite t-shirts (judging by comfort & quality).

So if you’re feeling inspired to display your Peak Prosperity colors and become a spokesperson for RESILIENCE, join the growing proud PP tribe and get your shirt today:


And once you have, email a photo of you wearing it to [email protected] — ideally in a setting that showcases an important component of your resilient life (garden, valued family and friends, homesteading skills, energy-saving solutions, etc) — and we’ll add it to the PP Instagram Wall of Resilience.


Adam (and Chris)

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