• The Crash Course on DVD

    Excellent for sharing the message and material of the Crash

The Crash Course offers you information you can’t afford to live without. It ties together the converging trends of the “Three E’s” — the economy, energy and the environment — to help you begin preparing for a future that will be drastically different from the past.

The Crash Course is a powerful and predictive view of the challenges and opportunities that await us all as we enter a future increasingly defined by resource scarcity and disappearing economic growth. The next twenty years will favor those who are aware and prepared.044

Our DVD sets are excellent for sharing the insights within the Crash Course with others. Our goal is to ‘wake up’ as many people as we can to the emerging risks in order to foster intelligent dialog — and, ultimately, informed action. Many readers of this site have had success in gifting DVDs to their friends and family, purchasing a set for their local library, or hosting a showing in their community.