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Worldwide Shipping Grinding to a Halt

The Baltic Dry Index which represents the worldwide demand for raw materials has come to a virtual standstill having fallen 93%. Unlike the stockmarkets, the BDI is not easily manipulated and because of that is a reliable indicator of the potential for future economic trends.

See the full story on this site:    

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Oil Drum: 2009 Economic/Energy Forecast by Gail Tverberg (aka "Gail the Actuary")

Below is an excellent article today by "Gail the Actuary" at The Oil Drum...she links in her most recent article to her earlier 2 posted predictions in the past year that verified quite well.   Dovetails with many key concepts Chris has presented.

Below are some high points...  Entire article (and her earlier 2) is quite informative and IMO compelling at the least. 


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Mish's Reflections On 2008, Themes For 2009

Mish's Reflections On 2008, Themes For 2009
2008 may best be remembered as the year most would like to forget.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock's full article:

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The Remainders Of Long Division 2009 and the Settling of Overdue Accounts

Very interesting take on the current challenges we are facing.  Highly recommended..

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Chrysler wasting more money full page ads thanking you for giving them money

Full page ads in the WSJ, USATODAY, NYT etc.  Not cheap.  What a boondoggle!

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2009 - What is it going to look like?

Anyone willing to venture what 2009 will look like? I know long term things aren't sustainable as they are, but I'm wondering about the short term.

Why are stocks going up, or staying pretty even, in spite of on-going bad news? Will the stock market maintain this weirdness in 2009, go up (and why), or majorly tank?

I can see that unemployment is obviously going to get much worse. How much worse; will Obama's plan offset enough of it to avoid rioting; what will the U.S. look like in the cities and out in the rural areas this year?

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The Cache Course - Novel Promotional Idea


I just wanted to share with everyone what I am doing to promote the Crash Course:

Some of you may or may not have heard about the sport of Geocaching.  It is a GPS (global positioning system) based "sport" where people hide and seek hidden "caches" based on global positioning coordinates.


Martenson Summary - Nov 26, 2008

Dear [user],

Here's the latest...
Today's extra news:

Most Dividends Cut Since 1950s as Banks Conserve Cash

Nov. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Stock dividends are disappearing at the fastest rate in 50 years as the worsening recession forces U.S. companies to conserve cash.

Citigroup Inc., Genworth Financial Inc. and New York Times Co. are leading 91 companies listed on the biggest U.S. exchanges in reducing or suspending payouts to shareholders this month, the most since May 1958, when 113 companies slashed dividends, according to data compiled by Standard & Poor’s. The reductions in November exceeded the 81 dividend cuts in October and 60 in September.

My comments:  Recently a number of observers have been saying that stocks are a really good deal right now because their dividend yield is higher than the yield on Treasury bonds.  I never bought into this because I knew that dividends were going to fall over time.  But at the fastest rate in over 50 years?  That took me by surprise.  So much for those "fat yields" on stocks.  They only existed in the rear view mirror apparently.  » Read more

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Iceland Riots Precursor To U.S. Civil Unrest?   Please go to this link to view photos and a Youtube video of this news item also.  (Scroll down once on the link).  Here is the text.