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Crash Course review published

A review of the Crash Course by Jim Davies has been published by Strike The Root under the title "Crash Course Caveats."  Please see . » Read more

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Curiousity about China's treasury bills

I am working on putting out a youtube video concerning the effects of china owning large sums of US dollars, i do these videos for my own entertainment and it furthers my understanding of complex topics. the point of my vnext video is that the effect of our large deficit (which is fueled by china's willingness to hold US dollars vs. their own currency) is creating large sums of money that flows into our financial system and is being injected directly into investments (ie. » Read more

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Risk Assesment from Scout's Woodbadge Course?

So I'm about to take the Scouts Canada Woodbadge course to be a Beavers Leader and they asked us to do some reading before the course and to my surprise, they have a section all about Risk Assesment, I guess it is common knowledge:

Risk Assessment

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The Silver Rush Is On .. Ted Butler

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New Scientist feature edition "How our economy is killing the earth"

I thought readers of this site might be interested in a special edition of the British journal, "The New Scientist", out today, October 18.

The lead article is available here: » Read more

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Gold Reserve

The U.S. has about a trillion dollars worth of gold (?). This can be considered an asset. It is never mentioned by the media, experts, government spokesmen etc.

How could it be used? Who is in charge of it? It must be of some potential use.

This is not addressed by the Crash Course. Google shows that people are thinking about it 

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money creation

When the Federal Reserve buys T Bills with new dollars, do the T Bills disappear or does the Federal Reserve collect interest on the T Bills they own, and receive the principle when due? This question is not addressed in Chapter 7 of the Crash Course. My guess is the T Bills disappear, along with the debt.

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Changes need to must read article "How Safe is My FDIC Insured Bank Account? "

I think the bailout bill addressed some of your concerns, but the article is dated April 2008 and as such may currently be misleading.


Thanks for the good work Chris,,,

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Financial Advice in the UK

Hi all 

I am looking for financial advice in the UK from someone trustworthy and grounded in an understanding of the issues in the Crash Course. Does anyone know any advisors in the UK that they would recommend ?

Yours hopefully..........

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article titled: "Addressing misconceptions about the Consumer Price Index"

for what it is worth, there is a new article from the monthly labor review, August 2008, titled "Addressing misconceptions about the Consumer Price Index"  I apologize if this has already been posted somewhere else.

here's the link:

it begins by stating: » Read more