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Daily Deaths Due To Acute Shortages In Greek Clinics (Translation)

Translation from an article in dutch from a flemish newspaper.


Some pictures can be seen in the above link.

Touching testimonial about healthcare cuts in Crete.

At the state clinic in Rethymnon signs can be seen: 'Healthcare for everyone' and 'No merger'.

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How to Relocate to a Resilient Community?


When it comes to relocation Chris has emphasized a strong resilient community to live in. How can I find a place that has a resilient community? Are their any methods of identification on the internet or does on just have to guess and check? 

My family and I live in Chicago. Are there any resilient semi-rural communities or broad regions that we could look towards in the relative proximity? 


Thanks and I appreciate any helpful responses. Cheers.

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The Quantitative Theory of CREDIT

 Has anyone read "The New Depression" by Richard Duncan?

In this book, Richard Duncan proposes that we replace the Quantitative Theory of Money with the Quantitative Theory of Credit.

The Quantitatve Theory of Money is the mechanism by which many economists like Milton Friedman explain inflation/deflation.  The theory stated in an equation is:


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Introduction, MOL

Although it could be simply that I'm incompetent, I can't find an introductions thread here, certainly not as a sticky.  I don't want to just post a long introductory post and end it with a plea for advice, so I'll keep this one short.

First, I get it.  What I especially like about the tone of this site is the theme of building resilience.  It's much easier to explain that to others than preparing for Armageddon.

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Small, Person-Portable Power Solutions

I'd like to start up a Forum Topic where we can discuss power or battery recharge solutions that we may come across and want to bring to attention. If you come across something you like, please share.

The emphasis here is on:

Backup or Recharge Power (solar or otherwise, or as a larger battery device)
Easily Portable (just because you can carry it in a backpack, doesn't mean you should walk ten miles with it)

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On the relation between crude oil price and inflation

The is an article on the Time of April 9th on Oil. Ot's called "The truth about Oil". Essentially it says that there is plenty of Oil, but cheap oil is finished. We all know that. What is more interesting is that on page 22 it haas a nice table with several sources of Oil, and for each source of Oil the price per barrel:

Texs: 300 billion barrels, cost 50$
Artic Offshor:  90 billion barrels, cost unclear above 100$
Brasil: 50-100 billion barrels, cost $45 to $65,
and so on.

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Crash Course Presentation in Southern California, April 3rd

Hope somebody sees this notice and can make it. The first part will be on April 3, 2012 @ 7:30


PS. Chris Martenson will not be at this event.

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Crash Course DVDRip WebM


I've prepared WebM encoded version of Crash Course PAL DVD. It has only 363 MB in size and is available at:

IMHO it's better than whole big DVD iso. It is exactly the same, but it uses efficient video codec, so it even smaller than 700 MB XviD.

Hope somene else will appreciate it too.

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Italian Laws on Gold

 Staying in this site I obviously got interested in buying gold. And here is what came out.

if you want to buy gold in Italy you have two options. You either buy gold in the form of jewelery. Or you buy gold for investment. Buying gold for jewelery means paying about 20% tax on the value of the gold in VAT tax (in Italy: IVA). Instead if you buy gold for investment you only pay 20% on the financial gains you made out of gold once you sell it. So you pay 20% out of the difference between the buying price and the selling price. 

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PM price predictions!

I'm sitting here trying to balance today's two main posts on CM, Greece CDS triggered, and Nowhere near a Gold Bubble.  I thought I knew that TWAWKI would crash on a Greek CDS event, and PMs would go through the roof.  After hearing the Robert Mish interview, I thought I would sneak down to pick up a few coins at the local dealer but, alas, he was closed for the weekend.&