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QE3 and Why US Taxpayers are Now Supporting Europe

I have never thought I would see such market manipulation.  The economic news is getting worse yet the US stock market goes up.   This makes no sense unless the Central Bankers and Friends are at work proping up the stock markets until QE3 can be announced which looks assured now.

We must also thank our government for taking taxpayer money and giving it indirectly to the deadbeat Greeks.  Isn't this taxation without representation?

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Commodities bias?

While I feel very indebted to Chris for his overall analysis, particularly in his Crash Course book,  I find myself a bit uneasy about  what appears to verge on boosterism for precious metals on this site.  While the argument that gold and silver have a big upside in increasingly volatile markets seems strong, it also seems to me that Chris's articles tend  to understate the general risk of getting into potential commodity bubbles.  If you invest $10K in gold with the expectation that it may double in the near term, you also need a selling strategy for when to

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Other Kinds Of Breakdowns Caused By Economic/Societal Decline Or Collapse

We're so busy thinking about survival and prepping and issues like societal breakdowns, law and order problems, etc.

But how about what might happen when there's less money and resources to fight wildfires? Less money and resources to keep hydro-electric dams in repair, and the reservoirs behind them properly dredged. What happens with the environment we depend on: air, water, soil, biosphere, etc.?

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Analyzing shale gas numbers

 I was looking at some recent shale gas numbers from reutable sources and began to put them in the following table below.

So long as my math is correct it seems to me that depending how you present the shale gas numbers one can gain a perspective of plenty or great scarsity. Comments?

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What happens when greece defaults?

I just came back from Greece, very depressing seeing friends and family waiting from you to give them some kind of hope or good message from America! Most are lost and falling apart because they do not know how to protect themselves or thprotect the little savings they have in the Greek banks.
My question is if greece defaults and you have your savings invested with dollars on mining stocks with a Greek bank, or you have dollars instead of euros in the Greek bank do you lose everything?

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Is there really a Limit to Population Growth?

As a subscriber, I am very happy with Chris' analyses on the economy and how to prepare for the coming financial disaster.

I do not agree, however, with Chris premise that we are anywhere near a limit to population growth.

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Frugal Living - Tips And Tricks And Thrifty Ideas

I want to start a Frugal Living thread. One where we can share tips and tricks, swap thrifty ideas.

If you got a money-saving idea, bring it on! Tell us how you:

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$10 trillion geometric error in U.S. interest calculation formula

Hi: I am a member of Ellen Brown's public banking forum and was referred to this site by another member. Ellen is the author of Web of Debt.

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Signs of Change

One Nation, Two Days, 40 Signs of Change