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Why is gold going down so much?

Does any one know? 

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Michael C. Ruppert: Say My ****ing Name

I have read Michael C. Rupperts excellent and informative book Crossing The Rubicon [PDF] fully twice, regularly using it for reference upto the present. I have also supported - both in review and defence - his 2009 film Collapse [Link] here at this forum [Link], which raised strong discussion.

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Condemning the British Rioters!

If somebody is rich and privileged, I think we can assume that they have an easier time being a better person. I don't think that's a hugely controversial thing to say. I'm not saying this means nobody has any free will, but there are influences.


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A way out of the debt!

How in the world did

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Home Made Energy (a scam warning)

 Dear all.

I purchased the e-book from "Home made Energy" a few weeks ago, when you watch the video, they mislead you by telling  how easy and inexpensive it is, to build your own "solar panel". Well let me tell you, is not easy and is not inexpensive, it requires to buy not only some tools, that I do not have, but requires to buy batteries ( to store the energy collected) that are not cheep at all, and to have  knowledge of electricity, otherwise you will require to hire an electrician. 

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Margin Hikes On Gold

 CME Announced 22% hike on margins for gold. Gold's now taking a nosedive. 

Stay tuned and buy the dip as the weak hands get shaken out. 

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The Real Banking Crisis

By Eric Sprott and David Baker

A must read for those holding money in the Eurozone:

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Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment Act(HIRE)- 30%withholding tax?

Anyone slapped with a 30% witholding tax on investment money BEFORE it lands in GoldMoney holding acct?I thought we are taxed on the gain when money goes out of the acct.(Or for any offshore account for that matter.)