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Do you use a Berkey? (failed filter tests)

If you use a Berkey water filter with Black Berkey elements, please comment your experience below.


  1. Have you run the red food dye test every few months of use, as recommended by the manufacturer? 
  2. If so, how long have your filters lasted until they failed the test? (This assumes that you used them regularly during this period.)


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Water ionizers?

These seem like a scam but my wife has been getting several gallons every other day from a friend and is convinced that it is helping her chronic health issues.   The one they have costs $3-4K.   To make things worse our new house has well water with pH in the 5-6 range with high dissolved solids.  The water is eating our fixtures and new toilets are practically impossible to clean the water stains.  

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Simple A + B Math. Why book profit is the cause of systemic usury.

Consider the case of a microeconomy.

Let A = $500 / month

Let B = $100 / month


rate of spending in the economy = A + B


rate of building up capital (profit) = B


B = rate of building up capital in the balance sheets of firms

A = rate of return to various people (e.g. workers, leaders, investors, etc.) on spending performed by spenders (e.g. customers, individual buyers, other businesses, etc.)

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Water Tests to Detect Radiation

We are wanting to get the local rain water and ocean water tested for radiation.  Can anyone recommend a service that does reliable water testing that we can send water samples to?




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Severe weather issues

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Ted Trainer and the Simpler Way

Here's the Editors note from this well written article From The Permaculture Research Institute of Australia. It covers the big picture of our prediciment... much in line with what Chris teaches. It would be interesting to have Chris interview Ted Trainer.
-Bob O

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Global warming and rising sea levels article in the New York Times



An interesting piece in the Times, talks about the accelarating growth of the rise of sea levels. Just another one of multple factors that might add to the total enegy we need to invest to simply remain "afloat" in the future.


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Lifestraw personal water purifier

 I thought you guys would be interested in my latest find.  I was at a gun show in Texas and came across a guy selling the "Lifestraw" made by a Swiss company called Vestergard Frandsen.  The guy was drinking from a fish bowl full of some nasty looking water.  I thought it would be a perfect addition to my bug out bag and for $20 i couldn't pass it up.  It won all sorts of awards back in 2005 including invention of the year by time magazine.  Anyways, I thought that you guys would be interested in this product.  Check it out.

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The future holds - abundance??

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Help with Whole House Water Filter Question

 I'm getting ready to put in a whole house water filter. I have city water. I have chosen to use a tank that takes bulk carbon, and not use any proprietary filters. I believe lots of filter manufacturers will go out of business, so a proprietary filter is not a good idea, in my opinion.