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Alaska's Last Oil on Nat Geo channel

I have my DVR set to record all Nat Geo Explorer episodes.  I watched the latest Explorer episode last night called "Alaska's Last Oil".  Did anyone else catch this?  

I thought it was pretty good.  Although peak oil was never specifically mentioned, the message was clearly delivered--  known reserves are declining, new discoveries are no way keeping pace with the rate of decline, and new technology to acquire unconventional oil is very expensive.

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Opponents of peak oil theory

Heres a quote from Times Online:

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next energy source...small scale nuclear?

Don't think I've seen this on the threads, and I know I'm going to push a lot of buttons with this given this site's dominant support for peak oil and its consequences.  I tend to side with economic thinkers who understand that if peak oil is physically true, microeconomic forces will find a new source (however this doesn't mean I don't see the problems with exponential growth or that I'm any less committed to a sustainable living future!

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Time to go?

Although it is not my intention, I seem to be ruffling a lot of feathers here.  I enjoy challenging (as well as being challenged).  Sometimes people take this the wrong way, and I understand.  Different groups have different energy :). 

So, if you guys think I should move on, please feel free to tell me.  The last thing I want to do is be disruptive.

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The truth about energy - then and now

As you read this, know that our 20 year old 1.6L car has just done another 820 km (512 M) on 52.5L of fuel (13.8 US gal).
from ASPO-USA PO Review
Then and Now      by Roger D. Blanchard 
(Note: Commentaries do not necessarily represent ASPO-USA’s positions; they are personal statements and observations by informed commentators)

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Hey buddy, can you spare an erg?


The Coming Collapse


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Moving along, this is an important report.  Please read it when you have a bit of quiet time.

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Economic Predictions - A Must Listen!!

This series on YouTube is one of the most fascinating things I've ever listened to.  Hard to describe, but Clif High of has written software that monitors language usage on millions of documents on the web and lots of other forms of media, and by noting changes in words used, makes predictions about the future.  He has been highly accurate in the past.  He explains the technology on the first tape.  Suffice  to say he makes some frightening and very specific predictions about our economy and civilization for the next few years.  These are