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Download the Crash Course DVD

How to Make Your Own Crash Course DVD If you have a DVD burner on your computer, you can make your own Crash Course DVDs. If you already have a copy of the Basic Edition DVD, just use the software that came with your computer to copy it as ...

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Population Number needs to be changed in the presentation

Chris Can you doublecheck the number of years it takes to get to 2 Bill? When I ran the numbers in Excel I show that the 2 Billion figure is hit in 69 years, not 100. Small detail, but one that a critic can use to try and invalidate the whole ...

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New Crash Course - Chapter 13

This chapter deals with a profound failure to save that exists top-to-bottom in American culture and will shape our future for decades to come. Come and see it by clicking this link . ...

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Events are now breaking faster and faster, as we enter a phase of profound uncertainty. Keeping abreast of current news can provide you with an important edge by keeping you one step ahead. How this ...

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