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Project Welcome Mat

Long-time site regulars know that offers an enormous amount of content. But the site is seeing an explosive growth of newcomers, and I've realized that many people have no idea what they are missing. For example:

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Not So Much

Dear Chris Martenson and people who believe in resource finiteness, let me attempt to convince you otherwise.

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Sources for issues presented in crash course

Hello all

I need to do a 30 page report on exponential growth and limits to growth based on Crash Course. I need to objectively review the points presented in the video and determine whether or not they are true or accurate.

For this project I need lots of source material: books from academic/respected authors and articles published in scientific journals.

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Chris Martenson on Oprah: This community can put him there

[I chose to post this in the General forum rather than the Martenson Brigade forum because there are so many new people on the site that I feared that many are not yet even aware of the Martenson Brigade].

My fellow Chris Martenson fans,

I think it's time that we work together to get the word about Chris Martenson and the Crash Course out to the mainstream. The country is falling apart and I truly believe that taking steps that put the Crash Course in front of millions of people is about the most patriotic thing anyone could do to help America.

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EROEI of Medieval Society

In chapter 17b of the crash course, Chris states:

If, instead, these people were able to produce just 1.2 calories for every 1 calorie expended, then they’d have the exact energy balance that existed in medieval times. This skinny 20% surplus allotment of energy is sufficient to allow rich hierarchies to form, job specializations to develop, and large works of architecture to be built.

This implies an EROEI of 1.2:1, for medieval societies.

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Dr. Chris in New Paltz, NY (4/10 & 4/11)!!

Hey all --

If you've checked out the 'Upcoming Events' tab today, then you probably noticed that Dr. Chris will be making an appearance in New Paltz, NY on April 10th and 11th!  I have been working with Dr. Chris and his staff -- and a group of like-minded friends here in my local community -- to get this put together, so it's very exciting to see it up on the site!

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CC-7 inaccurate banking explanation


We now have a bank with $1000 on deposit, and banks do not make money by holding on to it – rather, they make their living by borrowing at one rate and loaning at a higher rate.

Banks don't borrow the money they lend, they create it for virtually free, and they don't pay interest on it. 


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Think For Yourself

Its Saturday Night...a quiet evening...thought this Beatles "Rubber Soul" song by George Harrison reflects our predicament.

Below this video are the lyrics...offer are quite prescient.



I've got a word or two

To say about the things that you do

You're telling all those lies

About the good things that

we can have if we close our eyes

Do what you want to do

And go where you're going to


The Martenson Insider - October 27, 2009

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