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Junk silver coins

I have not found a separate forum or thread here specifically on the usefulness (for barter purposes) of having a supply of junk silver coins on hand after the crash.  Opinions I have seen elsewhere range from "absolutely necessary" to "forget coins, bullets are other tradables will be used instead."  I would value your thoughts & opinions on storing up a supply of junk silver coins.    

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Extraordinary Stress in the Silver Market

For discussion:

GoldMoney Alert - 15 March 2009


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Gold and Silver Questions

I'm new to the whole Crash Course concepts but as a scientist who enjoys looking at data, it sure makes since.  As such, it seems that it would be wise to put some savings into precious metals.  But, I'm not sure what's the best way to buy gold or silver.

Below are some questions I have about gold/silver buying.  I don't expect one person to answer all these questions but since we all have different experiences I hope these questions create some good discussions which will help others as well.

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Investing in silver bullion....

So I'm wondering is it worth investing in 1 troy ounce of silver rounds?

 When it does come to sell, rounds can be made by any sort of third party mint company so what's the process of selling? Is it better to buy rounds from certain mints?   

 I just foresee it being rather difficult to see a bunch of random silver rounds when it comes time to sell since it wouldn't be too hard to forge silver rounds.

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Gold (1983-2003)


I'm still new here and still learning, so was hoping someone would help me clear this up.

A lot of talk on gold on this site (and many other sites.)  I have some gold myself (GLD lol), and the temptaion to fall in love is there.  It's almost a religious experience, something of a mathematical law of nature applied to economics.

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gold+silver vs. gold

I am in process of moving my cash to precious metals.

I like the business model, governance, and liquidity of Central Fund of Canada. They back all shares with 50/50 physical gold and silver.

I am debating whether it is better to be diversified in gold+silver or hold 100% gold.

Does anyone have an opinion on this matter?

Thanks in advance, Rob

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Japaneses cities mine precious metals in cremated remains

Looks like I need to revise my will to cover this one:

"Several municipalities have been reaping profits from precious
metals, including gold, silver and palladium, sifted from the ashes of
the cremated dead, The Asahi Shimbun has learned.

Few bereaved families know about the practice at public-run crematoriums.

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What the heck do I invest in?

Okay, I have read and written about everything on CM's website.  Besides gold and silver, where I've already established a sizable position, what ELSE should I invest in for the near and long term?  Commidities are iffy, bonds are bubbling, my stocks are jiggling, and the nest egg is getting cold (sorry, I REALLY miss Chick Hearn).

Seriously?  What should I be acquiring?  I know you need my goals and stats and all that.  Just general responses will suffice.


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The Silver Rush Is On .. Ted Butler