Peak Prosperity

Growth vs. Prosperity: Crash Course Chapter 5

One of these is a much wiser choice
Friday, July 18, 2014, 8:52 PM

Chapter 5 of the Crash Course is now publicly available and ready for watching below.

It challenges the conventional thinking that "economic growth" is the same thing as "prosperity". It isn't. And increasingly, we're being forced to trade one off for the other. As global surplus resources dwindle, we need to ask ourselves: Which of these do we value more? » Read more


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Growth is good, right? A growing economy means that we are becoming more prosperous…growth offers opportunities. So many people would say that growth equals prosperity. But is this actually true? And what if it’s not?

For the past few hundred years we have been lulled into linking the two concepts, because there was always sufficient surplus energy that we could have both growth AND prosperity. But what’s going to happen when 100% of our surplus money or energy is being used to simply grow? And what happens if there’s not enough surplus to even fund growth alone?

This, then, is the greatest challenge of our times – properly recognizing where we want our remaining surplus to go and getting that story out. We place a great deal at risk if we allow ourselves to do what is easy – that is, take the path of least resistance and simply grow – instead of doing what is right, which is directing our surplus towards a more prosperous future.