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Crash Course Chapter 17c: Energy and the Economy

Okay, now we are finally ready to marry the Economy to Energy. Finally! In a recent interview, Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Capital described economics as “the science of satisfying unlimited demand with limited resources.” Given our druthers, most ...

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Crash Course Chapter 14: Assets & Demographics

As we learned in the section on debt, our nation has a historic, never-before-seen level of debt and a historic failure to save. Now some would say that it’s not reasonable to look only at debt and savings; one also has to consider assets. After ...

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Crash Course Chapter 4: Compounding is the Problem

The purpose of this mini-presentation is to help you understand the power of compounding. If something, such as a population, oil demand, a money supply, or anything, steadily increases in size in some proportion to its current size, and you graph it ...

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