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Daily Digest 7/20 - Good News Friday: Saving For The Future, Can Crispr Change How We Grow Food?

Friday, July 20, 2018, 10:11 AM
  • Crispr Can Speed Up Nature - And Change How We Grow Food
  • A 4-Day Workweek? A Test Run Shows a Surprising Result
  • Scientists develop 'world first' melanoma blood test
  • Eritrea and Ethiopia have made peace. How it happened and what next
  • An Alabama man walked almost 20 miles to his new job. When his boss found out, he gave him a car.
  • The tiny nation leading a new space race
  • 5 Secrets to Saving for the Future While Enjoying Life Now
  • Study links good financial habits to achieving happiness
  • The Global Credit Market Has Good News About the U.S. Economy
  • Happy Anniversary, Viking 1! What Early Landers Taught Us About Mars
  • Amended energy act is good news for offshore wind in Poland
  • The longest total lunar eclipse in a century is about to happen — here's how Earth will color the moon blood-red
  • California blows through solar power, renewable energy output records
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Daily Digest 7/19 - The SIM Hijackers, Who Benefits From Iran Sanctions?

Thursday, July 19, 2018, 10:29 AM
  • This Is a Social Security First for 154 Million Americans
  • The SIM Hijackers
  • CEOs are dumping stock in their companies. Here's what that means
  • Study links ADHD symptoms in teens to frequent gadget use
  • Why do we need more people in this country, anyway?
  • Here Are 6 Chip Stocks That I Like Better Than Texas Instruments: Market Recon
  • FDA issues recall for blood pressure medication due to cancer risk
  • War On Americans
  • This is the ideal age to hit every financial milestone, according to millennials
  • Central Banks Are Using The Trade War To Hide Their Direct Influence On Stocks
  • Google Announces Plan to Lay Massive Subsea Cable From Virginia to France
  • The Great Quickening — Pompey
  • San Francisco's 'poop problem' and homelessness crisis is so dire that the city's new mayor said she saw 'more feces' on the city's streets than she's ever seen 
  • Rolls-Royce is developing tiny 'cockroach' robots to crawl in and fix airplane engines
  • Who Actually Benefits From Sanctions On Iran?
  • Global temperatures hung a U-turn in 1900, reversing a 5,000-year chill-down
  • Are we already warmer than any time since the Ice Age ended?
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Daily Digest 7/18 - Health Insurers Collecting Personal Details, Detroit Reborn At A Cost

Wednesday, July 18, 2018, 8:54 AM
  • In the World’s Most Dangerous Nation, Police Get a $3 Bonus
  • Health Insurers Are Vacuuming Up Details About You — And It Could Raise Your Rates
  • In face of strike threat, Metro says finances are 'unsustainable'
  • U.S. warns African nations against Chinese debt, offers 'sustainable' alternative
  • Federal judge rules in favor of bondholders on Puerto Rico debt
  • Scammers target those with outstanding student loans
  • Interest on credit-card debt tops $100 billion
  • Australian Housing Costs Rival New York’s, but Boom May Be Ending
  • Reserve Bank focuses on household debt risks (Australia)
  • 5 years after declaring bankruptcy, Detroit reborn at a cost
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Daily Digest 7/17 - The $247T Global Debt Bomb, Cyber Threat Warnings 'Blinking Red'

Tuesday, July 17, 2018, 11:14 AM
  • The $247 trillion global debt bomb
  • Netflix plummets after missing big on subscriber growth
  • It's Time to Give Up on Britain's National Health Service
  • Sexual Assault Inside ICE Detention: 2 Survivors Tell Their Stories
  • Florida is one of the best places to retire in America — here's exactly how much it costs for a dream retirement in the Sunshine State
  • Intel Official: Cyber Threat Warnings 'Blinking Red'
  • U.K. Poisoning Inquiry Turns to Russian Agency in Mueller Indictments
  • Gazprom’s Next Giant Gas Field
  • Scientists Have Found a Quadrillion Tonnes of Diamonds Lurking Deep Beneath Earth's Surface
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Daily Digest 7/16 - CA Preparing For Extreme Weather, You Aren't As Anonymous Online As You Think

Monday, July 16, 2018, 10:32 AM
  • This is the 'biggest bubble in the history of mankind and it's going to burst,' Ron Paul says
  • Trump and Putin Shake Hands in Helsinki, Then Meet Behind Closed Doors
  • RPT-China to its state media: keep calm, don't inflame trade row with U.S.
  • “Thanos Did Nothing Wrong”? 1000s Embrace The Population Control Philosophy Of Marvel’s Most Twisted Super-Villain
  • 'Data is a fingerprint': why you aren't as anonymous as you think online
  • On This Day: Jimmy Carter speaks about a national “crisis in confidence”
  • Law Enforcement Leaders Urge Alternatives to Family Detention
  • Chinese Oil Demand Growth Could Slow Down Soon
  • Alieno Arcanum Is A 5,221-HP Electric Hypercar With Alien Tech
  • California Is Preparing for Extreme Weather. It’s Time to Plant Some Trees.
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Daily Digest 7/14 - The Un-Making Of The West, The Hunt for Earth’s Deep Hidden Oceans

Saturday, July 14, 2018, 11:31 AM
  • As Trump backlash continues, STEM professionals in Texas run for office
  • The Un-Making of the West, Vol. I: Whistling Past the Graveyard
  • Deported In A Moment
  • Robots Can't Hold Stuff Very Well. But You Can Help
  • NASA Discovered Evidence of Life on Mars 40 Years Ago, Then Set It On Fire
  • The Hunt for Earth’s Deep Hidden Oceans
  • $7.5 billion Zumwalt Destroyer needs new engine despite only a few months of use
  • Researchers Study Thousands Of Ticks Collected By The People They Bit

Announcing The PP New York City Summit: Sep 16, 2018

With David Stockman! (this city only)
Friday, July 13, 2018, 2:30 PM

As committed, after having a terrific time traveling up the West Coast to hold Summits in San Francisco, Portland and Seattle, and then on to Denver and Austin, we're now bringing the same experience to more of the cities you've asked us to.

Next stop: New York City.

And this will be a particularly special event to attend. Why? Because we've scored a major coup: David Stockman will be joining us in person as co-presenter for the day!

So if you live in travel distance to NYC, come join us on Sunday September 16, 2018. You won't want to miss this! » Read more

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Daily Digest 7/13 - Good News Friday: Ending the Dead-End-Job Trap, Is Laziness Good For The Environment?

Friday, July 13, 2018, 11:45 AM
  • Federal Judge in California Halts Splitting of Migrant Families at Border
  • How Mexico Could Force America’s Hand on Immigrants
  • Ending the Dead-End-Job Trap
  • Reading Improves Memory, Concentration and Stress
  • Gov. Wolf signs new 'clean slate' bill for people living with criminal records
  • New York City teachers to get 6 weeks of paid parental leave
  • Hey, Savers! There’s Finally Some Good News For Your Cash
  • Thune: List of Tax Reform Good News Just Keeps Growing
  • Being Lazy Can Be Good for the Environment
  • Scientists Use CRISPR To Engineer Cancer Cells That Kill Own Tumor
  • Guest Opinion: The good side of environment news after a year of Trump
  • Good news for trees in the 25 Year Environment Plan
  • The man who ​thinks trees talk to each other
  • Scottish greenhouse gas emission rates 'halved since 1990'
  • Top 10 Happy Environmental Stories Of 2017
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Daily Digest 7/12 - How the BBC Lost the Plot on Brexit, China Closes Door To Recycling

Thursday, July 12, 2018, 9:52 AM
  • Residents of Stockton are set to get $500 a month with no strings attached in bid to boost economy
  • Inflation Is A Policy Decision
  • Merk Research: U.S. Business Chart Book
  • What Happens if I Really Do Run Out of Money in Retirement?
  • How the BBC Lost the Plot on Brexit
  • The Epic Battle Between Breast Milk and Infant-Formula Companies
  • The Big Cycle - Part 2
  • Study Confirms Most Psychopaths Live in Washington D.C.
  • The Downside Risk For Oil
  • Forget the trade war, China won't take our plastic anymore
  • Trash piles up in US as China closes door to recycling
  • What Footage From 1980s Bike Races Can Teach Us About Climate Change
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Daily Digest 7/11 - Venezuela Sees Bartering Resurgence, Corporate Bond Market Getting Junkier

Wednesday, July 11, 2018, 11:04 AM
  • Venezuela sees resurgence of bartering as banks struggle to keep up with hyperinflation
  • Venezuela annual inflation hits 46,305 pct in June - congress
  • Wisconsin cities on hook for $2 billion in worker retirement benefits, study shows
  • Watsonville: Council to consider sending hotel tax increase to voters
  • Euro members consider more super-long borrowing as ECB mulls bond 'twist'
  • One year after historic tax increase, Illinois remains in the red
  • The Corporate Bond Market Is Getting Junkier
  • Mayor Cantrell's promise to remove some red light cameras would mean millions in lost revenue
  • These Pictures. What is Wrong
  • Starvation and Habitat Threats Stalk Killer Whales