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Daily Digest 6/3 - The Addicts Next Door, Could California Be The Next Puerto Rico?

Saturday, June 3, 2017, 10:57 AM
  • The Addicts Next Door
  • Borrowing to fund pensions could make California the next Puerto Rico
  • Gold, Silver Or Bitcoin-Crypto Currencies: Where Will The Big Money Be Made?
  • Hidden Away for 28 Years, Tiananmen Protest Pictures See Light of Day
  • Silver and NASDAQ Strength Will Reverse
  • The Watson Files
  • Canada Pushes For Zero Emission Vehicle Strategy
  • Food poisoning warning: Hepatitis E found in European pig products
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Daily Digest 6/2 - Good News Friday: The World's Largest Floating Solar Plant, India To Go All Electric By 2030

Friday, June 2, 2017, 12:24 PM
  • Automatic Voter Registration OK'd by Illinois Lawmakers 
  • India aiming for all-electric car fleet by 2030, petrol and diesel to be tanked
  • Bucking Trump, These Cities, States and Companies Commit to Paris Accord
  • As U.S. retreats, EU and China seek climate leadership at summit
  • The world’s largest floating solar power plant just went online in China
  • Exxon investors clash with executives, vote in favor of annual climate report
  • Kentucky Is Making It Easier for Organizations to Donate Extra Food
  • An inside view of Hong-Kong’s hidden rooftop farms
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Daily Digest 6/1 - The Greatest Financial Bubble in History, China Vows To Stand By Paris Agreement

Thursday, June 1, 2017, 9:07 AM
  • The Greatest Financial Bubble in History
  • Mylan shareholders revolt, say directors’ greed has gone too far
  • Invest In Yourself
  • Kafka In Vegas
  • Saudi Prince Mohammed Meets With Putin To Discuss Oil, Syria
  • How Rising Seas Drowned the Flood Insurance Program
  • You're Not Imagining It: Your Allergies Really Are Worse This Year
  • As Trump Wavers on Climate Pact, China Vows to Stand by It
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Daily Digest 5/31 - Saudi Reserves Dip Below $500B, Brood Awakening

Wednesday, May 31, 2017, 10:51 AM
  • State lawmakers consider Brown’s gamble on pension money
  • Hartford looking to state to help prevent bankruptcy
  • Illinois House full of action but no budget choice debate
  • Saudi reserves dip below $500 billion
  • Why India's Zombie Debt Imperils Modi's Plans: QuickTake Q&A
  • German Inflation Slows More Than Forecast as ECB Meeting Nears
  • The challenges in setting up a California single-payer system are daunting — but not insurmountable
  • Brood Awakening: 17-Year Cicadas Emerge 4 Years Early
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Daily Digest 5/30 - The Truth About Glass-Steagall, The Dangers Of Living Without Purpose

Tuesday, May 30, 2017, 11:07 AM
  • MARK YUSKO: 'The U.S. is going to have a crash and it will be massive'
  • The Dangerous Approach of Living Without Purpose
  • State Dept. lifts limit on refugee admissions
  • What Congress can learn from Kansas’s failed tax experiment
  • The Truth About Glass-Steagall
  • State appeals court rules Exxon must give records to NY prosecutor
  • Is This Saudi Arabia’s Newest Strategy To Boost Oil Prices?
  • Great Barrier Reef can no longer be saved, Australian experts concede
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Daily Digest 5/29 - The Great War For Eurasia, Why Are Women Dropping Out Of The Workforce?

Monday, May 29, 2017, 12:16 PM
  • Keep Calm And Carry On
  • Why are so many women dropping out of the workforce?
  • The 3rd wave of WIKI-the half empty cup
  • The Great U.S. Energy Debt Wall: It’s Going To Get Very Ugly
  • The Great War For Eurasia
  • Donald Trump’s Base Is Shrinking
  • Russian Energy Minister: Deeper Cuts Still On The Table
  • A flight over Hong Kong's secret farms
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Daily Digest 5/27 - Mile Markers on the Road to Ruin, Food Stamps And Health

Saturday, May 27, 2017, 10:27 AM
  • Deaths from Alzheimer’s disease in the US have risen by 55%, says CDC
  • The Beleaguered Tenants of ‘Kushnerville’
  • Selected Articles: A Corrupted View of Reality in the Western Media 
  • How a remote California tribe set out to save its river and stop a suicide epidemic
  • The Messy Relationship Between Food Stamps and Health
  • Mile Markers on the Road to Ruin
  • Farming the World: China’s Epic Race to Avoid a Food Crisis
  • Trump Delays Decision on Paris Climate Accords
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Daily Digest 5/26 - Good News Friday: Manchester Rallies With Kindness, The Future Of Fish

Friday, May 26, 2017, 12:20 PM
  • 'Look for the helpers' – Manchester rallies round with acts of kindness
  • Not-so-high anxiety: States move fast to protect pot industry
  • Supreme Court Rejects 2 Congressional Districts In North Carolina
  • Alabama governor signs law giving thousands of felons their right to vote back
  • Boost Your Retirement Savings
  • Europe Joins Race For Cheaper Batteries With New Gigafactory
  • The Future of Fish Is Farmed
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Daily Digest 5/25 - America's Public Pension Crisis, Rise of Crypto Currency Means USD Rejection

Thursday, May 25, 2017, 9:25 AM
  • Rise of Crypto Currency Means Rejection of US Dollar - Rob Kirby
  • Six Terrifying Graphs That Summarize America's Public Pension Crisis
  • American Small Business Owner Rages At Politicians: "Quit Your Job And Try The Real World"
  • GOP Obamacare Repeal Effort Hits Latest Obstacle With CBO Score
  • Look Who's Buying Gold Now
  • Saudi Finance Minister: “I Wouldn't Care If The Oil Price Is Zero"
  • Monsanto’s Round Up and Aluminum Now Linked to Autism, Alzheimers, Gut Dysbiosis and Pineal Gland Calcification
  • Climate Change Is Turning Antarctica Green
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Daily Digest 5/24 - CA Single Payer Proposal Could Run $400B, LA Budget "A Train Wreck"

Wednesday, May 24, 2017, 12:41 PM
  • Tab For Single-Payer Proposal In California Could Run $400 Billion
  • Lawmaker says Chavez's childhood home set aflame (Venezuela)
  • LA’s Budget: A Train Wreck
  • Chicago school board to consider up to $500 million more long-term borrowing
  • Puerto Rico pension, highway agency join government in bankruptcy
  • Kentucky Needs $700 Million More Per Year for Pension Debt
  • Top credit agency fears Sydney is a bubble that could burst
  • The day China’s version of the Lehman crisis explodes
  • Canada Must Deflate Its Housing Bubble