Take Action

Our primary goal is to position you, your loved ones, and your community for a positive tomorrow by taking prudent action today. We built this site to help you stay informed, build resilience into your life and connect with other concerned citizens – to help you take whatever preparations you feel are appropriate given your conclusions around what may transpire in the coming years.

While we don’t claim to have a crystal ball, and don’t claim to be able to predict exactly when the next major economic crisis will hit, we are confident that:

  • when it comes to preparations, it’s better to be a year early than a day late
  • once it’s obvious to everyone that concrete actions need to be taken, your options for doing so will be much more limited than they are now
  • some actions require very little time and money, but provide large benefits

We’re hard at work creating solutions you can leverage to increase your personal resiliency to future events, or to encourage others to do the same. These ones below are the most relevant to both new and experienced readers of this site:

Assess Your Situation

How resilient is your life today? Where are you secure, and where are your vulnerabilities? What kind of future are you hoping for? What steps are most important to start taking today to successfully position yourself for it? Do you have the resources you’ll need?

These are just some of the constructive questions you should start addressing. To help you with this process, we have a self-assessment you should take. It will help you identify the gaps in the areas where you and your family have essential needs you’ll want met under any circumstances.

Many have also found it valuable to schedule a 30-minute or 1 hour phone consultation with Chris. He’s has years of experience advising hundreds of people and helping them to develop a long-term strategy and plan to guide their efforts.

Get Your Finances In Order

We find that for most people, relief comes fastest by taking some initial steps to make sure your money is being handled in a responsible fashion that’s in alignment with your beliefs about the future.

We encourage everyone start by reading the chapter on how to build financial resilience from our book Prosper!, which we make available to you for free here. It lays out clear steps for getting yourself onto a solid financial foundation.

Next, we highly recommend scheduling a (completely free) crash-audit of your portfolio with our endorsed financial advisor. There’s no cost to this nor any commitment obligation.

Whether you talk with this form or another, we think it wise to start your journey with an assessment from a professional advisor who understands the risks detailed in The Crash Course, and ask: How vulnerable is my current portfolio to a major market downturn? What steps can I take now, in advance of crisis, to improve my prospects?

To schedule your free financial consultation, click here.

Then, if you don’t already, consider getting some initial exposure to the precious metals (primarily gold and silver), as a ‘worst case scenario’ hedge. It may feel strange at first, but you’ll sleep much better at night once you’ve done it. Read our free Primer On How To Buy And Store Gold & Silver if you’d like guidance on becoming a satisfied precious metals owner.

Start Preparing

We’ve created a section of this site, called ResilientLife, which is dedicated to educating and empowering you to build a prosperous future for yourself, whatever may transpire.

A great way to get started with those preparations is to read our What Should I Do? Guide and the articles within its related series. You’ll get exposed to the most common steps people are taking, along with specific recommendations based on first-hand experience.

We’ve also introduced Wikis and Groups. Our Wikis offer in-depth learning for the most common skills you’ll want to develop. And our Groups offer you access to dedicated communities built around either a specific interest (e.g. growing your own food) or location (e.g. New York City). Both of these helpful resources allow you to interact with others and ask questions of those more knowledgeable than you.

Several times a year, we produce weekend seminars that focus on helping individuals dive deeply into their specific goals and develop plans for overcoming any current challenges to achieving them. If you’re the kind of person that would be helpful for, considering attending one.

Spread The Word

Do you have loved ones or community members you’d like to make aware of this material? Or perhaps you’re interested in making an impact on an ever greater scale?

A simple way to begin is to share Peak Prosperity articles, videos, etc using the social media widgets on the site. Posting an article you like to your Facebook wall, Google+ circles or your Twitter account takes only a second or two — and exposes our content to a brand new audience.

Those looking to educate their friends, family and community should consider a local streamed showing of the Crash Course. Many of our readers have done so to great success and impact. Others who have looked for greater impact have worked with local organizations to sponsor a speaking event featuring Chris.

A growing number of readers have enlisted in our volunteer Peak Prosperity Brigade, which is a grassroots movement seeking to make the world more aware of the growing Three E challenges & to spark action for addressing them at the community (and someday national) level. New enlistees are always welcome.

Support The Cause

Operation of this site is funded entirely by Chris and Adam. And as these operations expand (such as with this newly-launched website), costs mount quickly. Any financial assistance is greatly appreciated and simply helps us continue to improve the site experience here that much faster.

The best way to support the site — and receive immediate benefit yourself – is to become an enrolled member. Enrollment offers access to Chris’ premium analysis plus that of our growing team of expert contributing editors. You receive in-depth reports on critical issues, early-warning alerts,  and practical, actionable advice on what steps to take in order protect and grow both wealth & quality of life.

Also, direct donations are gratefully accepted. We’re all in this together, and the funds help us move forward in our mission to create a world worth inheriting.