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    Holy Shit: Managing Manure to Save Mankind

    Book Recommendation: Holy Shit

    Managing Manure to Save Mankind
    by Jason Wiskerchen

    Saturday, August 31, 2013, 3:58 PM


    I little while ago, I finished reading the book Holy Shit: Managing Manure to Save Mankind and thought others within our community might enjoy this fascinating read. With the recent discussions about making chicken compost tea and other adventures in garden composting setups on the site, I thought it timely to provide a link and help folks start thinking about another type of gold:  black gold

    From Amazon:

    In his insightful new book, Holy Shit: Managing Manure to Save Mankind, contrary farmer Gene Logsdon provides the inside story of manure-our greatest, yet most misunderstood, natural resource. He begins by lamenting a modern society that not only throws away both animal and human manure-worth billions of dollars in fertilizer value-but that spends a staggering amount of money to do so. This wastefulness makes even less sense as the supply of mined or chemically synthesized fertilizers dwindles and their cost skyrockets. In fact, he argues, if we do not learn how to turn our manures into fertilizer to keep food production in line with increasing population, our civilization, like so many that went before it, will inevitably decline.

    It's time to put some real thought into how best to manage our waste streams for a more prosperous future and this book will help get you thinking in the right direction. Happy reading, and wish me luck in my next visit to the horse pasture to collect some gold.

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  • Daily Digest
    Image by motoyen, Flickr Creative Commons

    Daily Digest 5/18 – U.S. Seizes Bitcoin Accounts, Mountain Of Waste Grows In Detroit

    by DailyDigest

    Saturday, May 18, 2013, 3:01 PM

    • Jim Rogers on Gold: Continues to Have a Long Overdue Correction
    • U.S. authorities seize accounts of major Bitcoin operator
    • US seizes Bitcoin operator accounts
    • Paper Gold, Metal Gold – When Worlds Diverge
    • How Student Loans Became a $120 Billion Government Bonanza
    • Gold & Silver Price – The True Story Is All About Time
    • A Black Mound of Canadian Oil Waste Is Rising Over Detroit

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  • Daily Digest
    Image by NASA Goddard Photo and Video, Flickr Creative Commons

    Daily Digest 5/2 – Running Out Of Planet To Exploit, What If We Never Run Out of Oil?

    by DailyDigest

    Thursday, May 2, 2013, 3:56 PM

    • Federal Reserve Refuses to Submit to an Audit of Germany’s Gold Held in U.S. Vaults
    • Neil Macdonald: The secretive world of printing money
    • The Unofficial Inflation Rate
    • Lasers, microwave deployed in high-speed trading arms race
    • IRS Data Web Snares Mostly Low- and Middle-Income Taxpayers
    • Fed holds steady on stimulus, worried by fiscal drag
    • The Fed's QE Exit Will More Than Quadruple Interest Costs For The US
    • What Is YOUR Inflation Rate? 
    • Smart cites: Sustainable solutions for urban living
    • Muzzling Science: How Tories Control The Message
    • The future of business: what are the alternatives to capitalism?
    • A City That Turns Garbage Into Energy Copes With a Shortage
    • What If We Never Run Out of Oil?
    • Running Out of Planet to Exploit
    • Flow of Tainted Water Is Latest Crisis at Japan Nuclear Plant
    • GM joins call for US action on climate change

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  • Daily Digest
    Image by Redwin Law, Flickr Creative Commons

    Daily Digest 4/27 – A ‘Sign’ Of Greek Economy, What If Waste Had Worth?

    by DailyDigest

    Saturday, April 27, 2013, 1:32 PM

    • A 'sign' of the Greek economy
    • Americans Spend Less on Finance as Doubt Lingers: EcoPulse
    • Dumb Question: Can 7 Billion People Eat My Weight in Meat?
    • Ageing Populations: What technology can do to help a global ageing population
    • Europe Facing More Pressure to Reconsider Cuts as a Cure
    • What If Waste Had Worth?
    • Heavy Louisiana Sweet Strengthens as Brent Spread to WTI Widens
    • Antarctic nematodes and climate change

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  • Daily Digest
    Image by eviltomthai, Flickr Creative Commons

    Daily Digest 3/18 – ‘No Cause For Panic’ In Cyprus, Disease Threatens Aquaculture

    by DailyDigest

    Monday, March 18, 2013, 2:03 PM

    • Wakeup Call From Cyprus To The Rest Of The World
    • With Regard to the Cyprus Bank Deposit Confiscations: Is Nothing Sacred?
    • No Cause For Panic
    • Wall Street: $474 Million, Detroit: $0
    • Tax Credits or Spending? Labels, but in Congress, Fighting Words
    • Federal government to announce plan to increase tanker safety
    • MIT Develops Meltdown-Proof, Nuclear Waste-Eating Reactor
    • Disease threatens aquaculture in developing world

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