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  • Daily Digest
    Image by AidanAshby, Flickr Creative Commons

    Daily Digest 10/22 – The Tells Of Fiat News, How Many People Have Lived On Earth?

    by DailyDigest

    Monday, October 22, 2018, 2:32 PM

    • 5 companies that spent lavishly on stock buybacks while pension funding lagged
    • The Tells Of Fiat News
    • America’s Ghost Legions of Idle Men
    • Kremlin: Russia will 'restore balance' with new missiles if U.S. pulls out of treaty
    • Dow Jones Futures Rise After More Leaders Break Support In Stock Market Correction
    • GOLDMAN SACHS: Staying away from these 20 stocks could help you avoid the pain of Trump's trade war with China
    • How Many People Have Lived on Earth?
    • Things in the middle of the Arctic are getting really strange
    • Brazil’s Offshore Boom Is Facing The Same Problem As U.S. Shale
    • This scientist keeps winning money from people who bet against climate change
    • The Greek Dark Age & Climate Change
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  • Daily Digest
    Image by Mark Turnauckas, Flickr Creative Commons

    Daily Digest 9/3 – Next Financial Crisis Lurks Underground, ‘Point Of No Return’ For Earth 17 Years Away

    by DailyDigest

    Monday, September 3, 2018, 1:41 PM

    • 10 years after the financial crisis, is the housing market still at risk?
    • The Next Financial Crisis Lurks Underground
    • The Global Alliance for Evil 
    • Lead in US school water “disturbing”—Detroit just shut off all fountains
    • Trump Has Changed How Teens View the News
    • The point of no return for our planet is only 17 years away
    • Melting Arctic Creates New Opportunities For LNG
    • Bangkok Struggles To Stay Afloat Amid Global Warming, Rising Sea Levels
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  • Daily Digest
    Image by reyner media, Flickr Creative Commons

    Daily Digest 9/2 – Scientists Warn UN of Capitalism’s Imminent Demise, Skim Reading Is The New Normal

    by DailyDigest

    Sunday, September 2, 2018, 3:53 PM

    • Scientists Warn the UN of Capitalism's Imminent Demise
    • A deadly storm is coming in Syria 
    • Report: Trump Admin Denying Passports to Citizens Along Border
    • So Much for The Great California Bail Celebration
    • Elections board takes less than a minute to reject proposal to close 7 of 9 polling places in majority-black county 
    • Skim reading is the new normal. The effect on society is profound
    • Attention, Shoppers: Kroger Says It Is Phasing Out Plastic Bags
    • U.S. court orders Trump administration to enforce chemical safety rule

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  • Daily Digest
    Image by blackeiffel, Flickr Creative Commons

    Daily Digest 6/15 – Good News Friday: Money Isn’t Everything, Last Straw For Plastic Straws?

    by DailyDigest

    Friday, June 15, 2018, 3:30 PM

    • Money Isn’t Everything – Overcome The Greedy Mindset
    • Plant-based diet lowers risk for chronic diseases, weight gain, death
    • Florida judge rules state ban on smokable medical marijuana is unconstitutional
    • Psychedelic drugs change brain cells in ways that could help fight depression, addiction and more
    • By 2022, India vows to stop single-use plastics
    • 20/20 Hindsight and How to Avoid Regret
    • Why Most People Never Learn from Their Mistakes… But Some Do
    • Alabama sisters give birth on same day, around same time, for second time in 9 years
    • Gene therapy reverses rat's paralysis
    • Last Straw For Plastic Straws? Cities, Restaurants Move To Toss These Sippers
    • Surprising discovery: Sweet tooth gene connected with less body fat
    • Mars to Shine Brighter This Summer Than It Has in 15 Years
    • Audi Working to Add Solar Panel Roofs to Future Electric Cars
    • Pros & Cons of Growing Your Own Fruits & Vegetables
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  • Insider
    Shutterstock/Alex Zabusik

    Russian Jet Shot Down By NATO Member

    A very dangerous provocation by NATO
    by Chris Martenson

    Tuesday, November 24, 2015, 6:35 PM


    This morning two Turkish F-16 fighters shot down a Russian jet, claiming that it was in Turkey’s airspace after it had ignored repeated warnings.

    There are two problems with this story. The first is that Russia claims to have evidence that the Russian jet never left Syrian airspace.  The second is that even if the Russian jet had strayed into Turkish airspace, Turkey knew there was zero threat to its security from a single Russian jet. Everybody and their uncle knows what Russian jets are doing in the area.

    This means that NATO, of which Turkey is a member, had given a greenlight to the idea of shooting down Russian planes.

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  • Insider

    Is This It?

    Global market weakness is now quickly escalating
    by Chris Martenson

    Friday, January 24, 2014, 3:59 PM


    Is this it?  Are we seeing signs that after a very long period of Fed inspired insanity, et al. (courtesy of folks who lack any imagination beyond sustaining the unsustainable), are we finally entering a long-awaited financial correction?

    Using our ‘outside in’ methodology, there’s lots to suggest we are entering such a phase.

    All is not well on the periphery, with weaker economies now flashing serious warning signs in their bond and currency markets. It's enough that it’s time to…

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