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  • Podcast

    Singing Frogs Farm: The Science Of Healthy Soil

    Focus on biology over chemistry
    by Adam Taggart

    Tuesday, January 8, 2019, 1:02 PM


    Three years ago, I interviewed Paul and Elizabeth Kaiser about the remarkably effective model being pioneered at their farm, Singing Frogs Farm, a small micro-farm in northern California. It quickly became one of Peak Prosperity's most popular podcasts of all-time.

    Developed over years of combining bio-intensive land/forestry management theory with empirical trial & error, the farming practices at Singing Frogs have produced astounding results.

    This week, I sit back down with Paul and Elizabeth to discuss the science behind their latest farming practices & techiniques, the importance of biology over chemistry when it comes to gardening, and the hands-on workshops they offer, and what they think it takes to make a 'resilient farmer'.

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  • Podcast

    Connor Stedman: Carbon Farming

    Sequestering atmospheric carbon through natural means
    by Adam Taggart

    Monday, October 9, 2017, 9:10 PM


    Climate change remains a hotly debated topic. But a scientific fact not up for dispute is the pronounced spike in the concentration of carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere over the past two centuries.

    There's a building urgency to find solutions that can manage/reverse that spike — a process known as carbon sequestration. But how to do that on a planetary scale? It's a massive predicament. And most of the 'solutions' being proposed are technologically unproven, prohibitively costly and/or completely impractical.

    Enter carbon farming. It uses nature-based farming practices to park gigatons of carbon in the soil, rebuild soil health and complexity, and revitalize the nutrient density of the foods that we eat.

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  • What Should I Do?
    Shutterstock: Madlen

    How Soil Health Impacts All Wealth

    A focus on the importance of healthy soils
    by harnsoper

    Tuesday, November 24, 2015, 2:13 AM


    In today’s complex economy how do we progress financially from where we are today and the life of abundance we seek? This is the first question a financial advisor will ask us. It is seldom an easy question to answer because the quality of our life isn’t measured purely in financial terms. There are multiple factors including our work, our family and, fundamentally, our values. How does our quest for financial wealth balance with the people and planet upon whom we depend? Surprisingly, it all begins with soil.

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    James Steidl/Shutterstock

    In Denial: We Pursue Endless Growth At Our Peril

    A requiem for planet Earth
    by Chris Martenson

    Friday, May 29, 2015, 2:09 PM


    As we've been discussing of late here at, humans desperately need a new story to live by. The old one is increasingly dysfunctional and rather obviously headed for either a quite dismal or possibly disastrous future. One of the chief impediments to recognizing the dysfunction of the old story and adopting a new one is the most powerful of all human emotional states: Denial.

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  • Insider

    Off the Cuff: The Cost of Comfort

    Is perhaps too high a price to pay
    by Adam Taggart

    Friday, May 29, 2015, 1:04 AM


    In this week's Off the Cuff podcast, Chris and Charles Hugh Smith discuss:

    • The Cost Of Comfort
      • We are ruining ourselves in the name of convenience
    • Prospering By Borrowing
      • Nearly all of our industries are unsustainable
    • Our 'Monocrop' Economy
      • It's single-track focus ignores the complexity of reality
    • Creating A New, Better Narrative
      • Join Chris, Becca & Charles Eisenstein
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  • Insider
    B Brown/Shutterstock

    It’s Time to Stop Treating Our Soil Like Dirt

    We're destroying an invaluable resource
    by Chris Martenson

    Tuesday, May 26, 2015, 3:34 PM


    In the recent podcast with Paul and Elizabeth Kaiser, the owners of Singing Frogs farm, they told a tale of success that begins and in many ways ends with their soil.

    It's a model we need to pay close attention, to as I think it’s safe to say that the vast majority of farming across the world right now is based on the practice of plowing up fields and is therefore based on the practice of slowly but surely ruining the very bottom of the food pyramid.

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  • What Should I Do?
    Phil Williams

    Why Bother Composting?

    The benefits of building great soil.
    by Phil Williams

    Wednesday, September 24, 2014, 12:01 AM


    Composting can seem pretty complicated. Depending on who you talk to, or what you read, you will find tons of different advice on how to get just the right “brew”. You’ll hear about having the perfect ratio of greens and browns, and putting them together in thin shredded layers. Then you hear about occasionally turning…

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  • Podcast

    A New Opportunity For Investing In Productive Farmland

    Creating value by improving the land
    by Adam Taggart

    Sunday, August 10, 2014, 5:13 PM


    Over the past few years, we've tracked the success of Farmland LP, a fund created to increase the economic yield of farmland through sustainable farming practices.

    Today's big news is that, while the initial LP fund closed to new investors last year, the same management team has just launched a new fund, this time structured as a real estate investment trust (REIT).

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