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    Practical Survival Skills 101 – Understanding Emergencies

    by Aaron M

    Wednesday, March 16, 2011, 7:45 AM


    Aaron submitted this post prior to the recent disaster in Japan. As we are now being educated in real-time as to the value of developing preparedness in advance of calamity, the guidance below becomes even more relevant. This article complements Aaron’s earlier “Practical Survival Skills 101” posts on fire, water, and shelter.

    Preface: What is an emergency? 

    There is an awful lot of academic banter in which we try to “identify” emergencies before they happen. Pedantic issues are categorized and specifics are assigned to them as potential resolutions. This is not a “flawed” approach, but it’s endemic in the American mindset, which is obsessed with micromanagement.

    In order to distance ourselves from the details, which are too stochastic and specific, we can generally state that an emergency is a shortage of resources.

    Resources can be defined as:

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