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    Fauci politics over science

    Fauci Places Politics Over Science (and your health)

    Yes, I'm disappointed
    by Chris Martenson

    Tuesday, September 29, 2020, 6:45 PM


    The main health authority in the US is placing politics over science.  We’re running out of reasonable excuses for why this might be.  But the science is clear, or at least not nearly as settled as Fauci claims.

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    Michael Shermer: The Importance Of Skepticism

    Without it, we're slaves to our beliefs
    by Adam Taggart

    Wednesday, August 3, 2016, 6:34 PM


    As humans, the way we process and react to information is influenced by both the biology of our brains as well as our social and cultural norms. We've talked many times here at PeakProsperity.com about the influence — conscious and subconsious — that our beliefs exert on our actions. Our past podcasts on behavioral economics have delved into this in detail.

    But just because we believe something, that doesn't make it true. Which is why the scientific process is so important: when followed without bias, it enables us to understand reality as it truly is. And such accurate understanding of the facts allows us to make more useful decisions.

    In this week's podcast, Chris speaks with Michael Shermer, monthly columnist for Scientific American and founding publisher of Skeptic magazine, about the importance of cultivating a questioning mindset.

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  • Podcast

    Mark Cochrane: The Scientific Argument for Climate Change

    Is it happening? And what can we do?
    by Adam Taggart

    Saturday, July 20, 2013, 5:12 PM


    In this week's podcast, Chris sits down with Mark Cochrane to discuss global climate change.

    Mark is a professor and senior research scientist at the Geospatial Science Center of Excellence (the GSCE) at South Dakota State University. He is also the creator of Peak Prosperity's excellent forum thread on climate change.

    In this interview, Chris and Mark explore the science behind the study of climate change, what it tells us, and what steps individuals concerned about the trend can take.

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  • Daily Digest
    Image by Adam Arthur, Flickr Creative Commons

    Daily Digest 5/16 – Farms Feeling The Pinch, The Bank Shakedown That Could Ruin Your Life

    by DailyDigest

    Thursday, May 16, 2013, 3:38 PM

    • Opinion: Sell financial advice or products, not both
    • French recession: Farms feeling the pinch
    • How to skip lines at Disney: Hire a disabled ‘escort’ on the black market — only $1,040 a day
    • Gold & What I Know For Certain
    • Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts – South Africa Imports $1 Billion In Gold Bullion From NYC?
    • Timelapse
    • William Kaye: Founder, Vice Chairman and Senior Managing Director of the Pacific Alliance Group of Companie
    • A New Chapter In Currency Wars – Russia Joins The Game
    • Richard Cordray and the CFPB Are Monitoring Your Banking Habits
    • The Vicious New Bank Shakedown That Could Seriously Ruin Your Life
    • Student Debt and the Crushing of the American Dream
    • Brits Are Now Poorer Than The French, Swiss, Belgians, Swedes, Austrians, Aussies And Canadians
    • Six-figure salaries no draw as young workers shun Canada’s oil and gas sector for ‘sexier’ industries
    • Goldman Sachs hires particle physicist from the Large Hadron Collider
    • Produce Industry’s Food Safety Push Takes Toll on the Environment
    • Which way will the Alberta oil pipeline go after Christy Clark’s win?
    • Commander Hadfield Shows Us What Science Communication Could Be. Visually.
    • Maps show impact of overcutting old-growth forests, conservation groups say

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  • Daily Digest
    Image by mikebaird, Flickr Creative Commons

    Daily Digest 3/11 – Cuts Show Path To Leaner Military, ‘Superbugs’ Pose Dire Threat

    by DailyDigest

    Monday, March 11, 2013, 3:38 PM

    • U.S. vs. China: D.C. Dysfunction Gives People’s Republic an Edge
    • Silver: Keep It Simple
    • Cuts Give Obama Path to Create Leaner Military
    • Pre-sequester jobs numbers, unemployment rate better than expected
    • “We Gained Hope.” The Story of Lilly Grossman’s Genome
    • UK Vulnerable to Price Spikes Due to Reliance on Norway’s Natural Gas
    • New wave of 'superbugs' poses dire threat, says chief medical officer
    • To at Least One Earthling, Siberia Meteor Proved That Science Is Vital

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