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    7 Things Every Reputable Food Reserve Company Needs to Tell You

    by Denis Korn

    Friday, May 4, 2012, 1:39 PM


    Having been in the outdoor/recreational and long-term food storage industry for over thirty-five years, I have seen a lot of companies and products come and go. There has been quite a bit of change over the years. While the food you rely upon in an emergency is vital and life-sustaining, unfortunately few preppers and planners do the valuable research they should for this essential category of provisions. This article is written to help educate and inform the serious preparedness planner and give those just starting off in food storage and resiliency-building a good foundation of knowledge to help evaluate needs and determine what are the best products for those needs.

    Because I have personally witnessed, heard, and read so many conflicting, misleading, and outright deceptive claims and information regarding foods for long-term storage, I am writing this – the first of two – concise and to-the-point articles. While many food reserve companies are educated and reliable, many are intentionally or unintentionally ignorant and deceitful.

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